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A collection of 103 titles dealing with the American War of Independence 
The books are all in PDF format and come on a USB stick
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The books are; 

A brief history of the North Carolina troops on the Continental establishment in the war of the revolution

A brief memoir of the life, and revolutionary services, of Major William Hazzard Wigg

A Brief narrative of the ravages of the British and Hessians at Princeton in 1776-1777; a contemporary account of the battles of Trenton and Princeton

A brief sketch of the life of George Webb a Cape Cod captain in the Revolutionary War

A British Fusilier In Revolutionary Boston

A British prisoner in America

A British privateer in the American revolution

A circumstantial journal of the blockade and siege of Gibraltar, from 12th Sept., 1779 to 23d. Feb., 1783

A complete roster of Colonel David Waterbury Jr.'s regiment of Connecticut volunteers

A Defence of the Hessians

A defence of the Revolutionary history of the state of North Carolina

A detail of some particular services performed in America

A family narrative, being reminiscences of a revolutionary officer

A full and correct account of the Battle of Bunker Hill

A hidden phase of American history - Ireland's part in America's struggle for liberty

A historical collection from official records, files of the part sustained by Connecticut, during the war of the revolution

A history of the American revolution, with maps and illustrations

A history of the campaigns of 1780 and 1781, in the southern provinces of North America

A history of the campaigns of 1780-81 – Tarleton

A history of the fight at Concord, on the 19th of April, 1775

A history of the late siege of Gibraltar with a description and account of that garrison

A history of the life and services of Captain Samuel Dewees

A history of the siege of Gibraltar, 1779-1783

A history of the surrender of the British forces to the Americans and French, at Yorktown

A journal of the expedition to Quebec,1775,under the command of Col.Benedict Arnold

A letter from Lieut. Gen. Burgoyne to his constituents, upon his late resignation

A letter from Lieut. Gen. Sir Henry Clinton, K.B., to the commissioners of public accounts

A list of the officers of the army and Royal Marines 1778

A memorial of the American patriots who fell at the battle of Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775

A military journal during the American Revolution

A narrative of Col. Ethan Allen's captivity

A narrative of Colonel Ethan Allen's captivity - 3rd edition

A narrative of events which occurred in Baltimore town during the Revolutionary war

A narrative of the life and adventures of Levi Hanford - a soldier of the revolution

A Narrative Of The Life And Travels Of John Robert Shaw The Well Digger

A narrative of the military actions of Colonel Marinus Willett

A narrative of the transactions, imprisonment, and sufferings of John Connolloy, an American loyalist, and lieutenant-colonel in His Majesty's service (A)

A narrative of the transactions, imprisonment, and sufferings of John Connolloy, an American loyalist, and lieutenant-colonel in His Majesty's service (B)

A New Hampshire Lawyer in Washington's Army – Gen.J.Sullivan

A new historic manual concerning the three battles at Trenton and Princeton, New Jersey

A particular account of the battle of Bunker, or Breed's Hill, on the 17th of June, 1775


A record of the services of the commissioned officers and enlisted men of Kittery and Eliot, Maine, from 1775 to 1783

A relic of the Revolution, containing a full and particular account of the sufferings and privations of all the American prisoners captured on the high seas 1776

A revolutionary pilgrimage - being an account of a series of visits to the battlefields

A short account of the naval actions of the last war, in order to prove that the French nation never gave such slender proofs of maritime greatness as during that period

A sketch of the life of Brig.Gen.Francis Marion

A state of the expedition from Canada as laid before the House of commons

A study of army camp life during American Revolution

Account of Leslie's Retreat at the North Bridge in Salem, on Sunday Feb. 26 1775

Address of Hon. Charles H. Bell - Bunker Hill

Advice to the Officers of the British Army – 1783

American and French flags of the Revolution, 1775-1783

American history from German archives with reference to the German soldiers in the Revolution

American military and naval biography

American prisoners of the revolution

American vessels captured by the British during the revolution and war of 1812

An account of the battle of Bunker Hill

An account of the life and military services of Zibeon Hooker, a lieutenant in the army of Washington

An account of the siege of Charleston 1780

An address to the Army- in reply to Strictures, by Roderick M'Kenzie, on Tarleton' s History of the campaigns of 1780 and 1781

An authentic journal of occurrences which happened within the circle of Major Meig's observations, in the detachment commanded by Col. Benedictine Arnold at Quebec

An episode of the Sullivan campaign and its sequel

An historical account of the settlements of Scotch Highlanders in America prior to the peace of 1783 together with notices of Highland regiments and biographical sketches

An interesting journal of Abner Stocking

An original and authentic journal of occurrences during the late American war – Sgt.R.Lamb

An Original Compiled and Corrected Account of Burgoynes campaign

Anecdotes of the American Revolution vol.1+2+3

Anecdotes of the American Revolution

Anecdotes of the Revolutionary War in America

Annals of Tryon County, Or, The Border Warfare of New York, during the Revolution

Annual register 1775

Annual register 1776

Annual register 1777

Annual register 1778

Annual register 1779

Annual register 1780

Annual register 1781

Annual register 1782

Annual register 1783

Another Fogg orderly book

Appeal of Joseph Wheaton, late deputy quarter master general and major of cavalry, to the Senate and House of representatives

Appeal To Arms A Military History Of The American Revolution

Appendix to the Canada papers relating principally to the Convention army after its arrival in the neighbourhood of Boston, in the years 1777-8

Arnold's expedition to Quebec

Arnold's march from Cambridge to Quebec; a critical study, together with a reprint from Arnold's Journal

Authentic copies of letters between Sir Henry Clinton, K.B., and the commissioners for auditing the public accounts

Battle maps and charts of the American revolution

Battle of Harlem Heights, September 16, 1776; with a review of the events of the campaign.

Battle of Valcour on Lake Champlain Oct 1776

battlefields of Maumee valley

Battles of the American revolution, 1775-1781

Battles of the British navy

Beaumarchais and the lost million. A chapter of the secret history of the American revolution

Beaumarchais and the war of American independence

Benedict Arnold's regimental memorandum book

Beverly privateers in the American revolutionBiographical sketch of Ebenezer Stevens, Leut. Col. of Artillery in the Continental Army

Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution – vol.1+2

Biographical sketches of the generals of the Continental Army