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A collection of 103 titles dealing with the American War of Independence 
The books are all in PDF format and come on a USB stick
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The books are; 


Biography of revolutionary heroes

Blacklist of Tories in Pennsylvania

Blazing the way to final victory Washington's order of 29th Aug. 1781

Blockade of Quebec in 1775-76

Blue jackets of '76. A history of the naval battles of the American revolution

Border warfare in Pennsylvania during the revolution

Border Wars of the American Revolution vol.1+2

Boston and the American Revolution

Brant and Red Jacket - including an account of the early wars of the six nations and the border warfare of the revolution

Brave deeds of revolutionary soldiers

British officers serving in the American revolution, 1774-1783

Bunker Hill; letters from the battlefield by British officers

Burgoyne's Invasion of 1777 with an outline sketch of the American Invasion of Canada, 1775-76

Burke's Speech on Conciliation with America

Caleb Haskell's diary 1775-76; a revolutionary soldier's record before Boston and with Arnold's Quebec expedition

Calendar of historical manuscripts, relating to the war of the revolution vol.1+2

Calendar of the correspondence of G Washington FOUR volumes

Calendar of the correspondence relating to the American Revolution

Camp fires of the revolution

Camp pottsgrove Sept.1777

Campaign against Quebec

Candid and impartial narrative of the transactions of the fleet under Lord Howe

Capt. Inglefield's narrative, concerning the loss of His Majesty's ship, the Centaur, of seventy-four guns 1782

Captain Gustavus Conyngham; a sketch of the services he rendered to the cause of American independence

Captain Thomas Cook (1752-1841) a soldier of the Revolution

Captain Tollemach's Journal of the proceedings of H.M.S. Scorpion, June 21 1775

Capture of Ticonderoga

Champe's adventure

Charles Killbuck - an Indians view of the border wars

Col. Robert Magaw, the defender of Fort Washington

Col. William Hill's memoirs of the revolution

Colonel Clark's sketch of his campaign in the Illinois in 1778-9

Colonel Daniel Putnam's letter relative to the battle of Bunker Hill and General Israel Putnam

Colonel Edward Buncombe, Fifth North Carolina continental regt

Colonel Henry Ludington; a memoir

Colonel John Brown, his services in the Revolutionary War, Battle of Stone Arabia

Col John Gunby of the Maryland Line

Col Jonathan Mitchell's Cumberland County regt - Bagaduce expedition 1779

Colonel W.Prescott; the commander in the battle of Bunker's Hill

Colonel William Prescott; and Groton soldiers in the Battle of Bunker Hill

Commanders of New Brunswick's navy in the war of the revolution

Commemorative of Calvin and Luther Blanchard, Acton minute-men 1775

Congressional control of foreign relations during the American revolution 1774-1789

Connecticut Farms

Conquest of the country northwest of the river Ohio 1778-83, Vol.1+2

Correspondence and journals of Samuel Blachley Webb vol.2

Correspondence and journals of Samuel Blachley Webb vol.3

Correspondence and remarks upon Bancroft's history of the northern campaign of 1777, and the character of Major-Gen. Philip Schuyler

Correspondence of Charles first marquis of Cornwallis vol.1

Correspondence, the official letters which passed between Washington and Brig. Gen. William Irvine concerning military affairs in the West from 1781-83

Cowpens papers - correspondence of General Morgan

Daniel Morgan - The hero of Cowpens; a revolutionary sketch

Daniel Sullivan's visits, May and June, 1781 to General John Sullivan, to explain declarations in Sir Henry Clinton's secret journal

Deborah Sampson, the female soldier in the war of revolution

Decision on the Hudson - The Saratoga Campaign of 1777

Diary and orderly book of Sergeant Jonathan Burton of Wilton, N.H. Winter Hill, Dec 10, 1775-Jan 26, 1776; and as Lieutenant, Canada expedition, Aug-Nov 1776

Diary Of A Revolutionary Soldier - Ichabod Corbett

Diary of David How, a private in Colonel Paul Dudley Sargent's regt

Diary of Enos Hitchcock - a chaplain in the revolutionary army

Diary of Lieut. Anthony Allaire, of Ferguson's Corps. Memorandum of Occurrences During the Campaign of 1780

Diary of Samuel Richards, captain of Connecticut line, War of Revolution, 1775-1781

Diary of the American Revolution – vol.1+2

Diplomatic correspondence of the American Revolution TWELVE vol

Documentary history of Dunmore's war, 1774

Documentary History of the American Revolution 1764-1776

Documentary History of the American Revolution 1776-1782

Documentary history of the armed neutralities, 1780 and 1800

Documents relating to the revolutionary history of the State of New Jersey FIVE volumes

Drug supplies in the American revolution

Earl Percy's Dinner Table

History of Lieutenant-Colonel George Rogers Clark's conquest of the Illinois and of the Wabash towns from the British in 1778 and 1779

Les combattants francais de la guerre americaine, 1778-1783

Letters from America, historical and descriptive, comprising occurrences from 1769 to 1777 inclusive

Neutral Rights and the War in Narrow Seas 1778-82

Paul Lunt's diary May-December, 1775

The campaign of 1776 around New York and Brooklyn

The official letters which passed between Washington and Brig. Gen. W Irvine and others concerning military affairs 1781-83

The Reluctant Rebels. The Story Of The Continental Congress 1774 1789

Traits of the tea party; being a memoir of George R. T. Hewes, one of the last of its survivors

Western Maryland in the revolution

Elijah Fisher's journal while in the war for independence