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A collection of 101 titles dealing with the American War of Independence 
The books are all in PDF format and come on a USB stick
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The books are; 


Naval Documents of the American Revolution ELEVEN vols
The Remembrancer or Impartial Repository of Public Events, FOURTEEN vols
American Archives - 4th Series, Volume NINE vols
Comparative evaluation of British and American strategy in the Southern Campaign of 1780-1781
Early operational art. Nathanael Green's Carolina Campaign 1780-1781
Extract from Life and Services of General, Lord Harris
Journal of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, during his visit to Canada, in 1776, as one of the commissioners from Congress
Journal of Col. Rudolphus Ritzema Aug 1775 - March 1776
Journal of Dr. Elias Cornelius a revolutionary surgeon. description of his sufferings while a prisoner in Provost Jail, New York, 1777-78
Journal of Du Roi the elder; lieutenant and adjutant,in the service of the Duke of Brunswick, 1776-78
Journal of Isaac Senter - Quebec campaign 1775
Journal of John Dewey, 3rd Mass. Regt. 1776-77
Journal of Lieutenant Isaac Bangs, April 1 to July 29, 1776
Journal of Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Vose, April-July, 1776
Journal of Lt Tjerck Beekman 1779
Journal of Solomon Nash, a soldier from the revolution, 1776-1777
Journal of the Commissioners of the navy of South Carolina July 22, 1779-March 23, 1780
Journal of the Commissioners of the navy of South Carolina October 9, 1776-March 1, 1779
Journal of the principal occurrences during the siege of Quebec by Generals Montgomery and Arnold in 1775-6
Journal of the Rev. Ammi R. Robbins, a chaplain in the American army, in the northern campaign of 1776
Journal of the siege and blockade of Quebec by the American rebels, in autumn, 1775, and winter, 1776
Journal or historical recollections of American events during the revolutionary war
Journals and diaries of the war of the revolution with lists of officers and soldiers, 1775-1783
Journals of the Continental Congress NINE vols
King's Mountain and Its Heroes
King's Mountain
Kingston and the Loyalists of the Spring Fleet of 1783
La Fayette's second expedition to Virginia in 1781
Late News of the Excursions and Ravages of the King's Troops - April 19th 1775
Letter-books and order-book of George, Lord Rodney, admiral of the White squadron, 1780-1782 vol.1+2
Letters & papers on the history of Doctor Absalom Baird, Army of the Revolution
Letters and journals relating to the war of the American revolution – Riedesel
Letters from the prisons and prison-ships of the revolution
Letters of Brunswick and Hessian officers during the American revolution
Letters of Eliza Wilkinson, during the invasion and possession of Charleston, S.C., by the British
Letters of Hugh, Earl Percy, from Boston and New York, 1774-1776
Letters of James Murray, loyalist
Letters of John Andrews, esq., of Boston, 1772-1776
Letters of Joseph Jones of Virginia. 1777-1787
Letters of Mrs. Adams, Wife of John Adams, Vol. 1+2
Letters of Thomas Nelson, Jr., Governor of Virginia 1781
Letters to a nobleman, on the conduct of the war in the middle colonies
Letters to Washington and accompanying papers 1774-75
Letters written at the time of the occupation of Boston by the British, 1775-6
Letters written by Ebenezer Huntington during the American Revolution
Letters written by Lord Samuel Hood 1781-3

Life and correspondence of Henry Knox - major-general in the American Revolutionary Army
88. Life and correspondence of Joseph Reed vol.1+2
Life and letters of Samuel Holden Parsons Major General in the Continental Army
Life and services of Gen. Anthony Wayne
Life and times of Gen. John Graves Simcoe
Life of Arthur Lee, commissioner of the US to France,Spain and Prussia during the revolutionary war
Life of Captain Jeremiah O'Brien, Machias, Maine - commander of the first American naval flying squadron
Life of Captain Nathan Hale, the martyr-spy of the American revolution
Life of Frederick William Von Steuben - Major General in the Revolutionary Army
Life of Gen.Otho Holland Williams
Life of John Fitch
Life of Joseph Brant Thayendanegea vol.1+2
The Loyalist regiments of the American Revolutionary War 1775-1783