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A collection of 103 titles dealing with the American War of Independence 
The books are all in PDF format and come on a USB stick
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The books are; 

Miscellaneous revolutionary documents of New Hampshire

Narrative of Johann Carl Buettner in the American revolution

Narrative of the battle of Cowan's Ford, February 1st, 1781

Narrative of the campaign in 1781 in North America - Sir Henry Clinton

Nathan Hale, 1776; biography and memorials

Naval and Military memoirs of Great Britain, from 1727 to 1783 Vol.4+5

Naval history of the American revolution Vol.1+2

Naval Records of the American Revolution, 1775-1788

Neutral Rights and the War in Narrow Seas 1778-82

New chapter in the history of the Concord fight - Groton minute-men at the North Bridge, April 19, 1775

New Hampshire in the battle of Bunker Hill

New history of the battle of Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775, its purpose, conduct, and result

New Jersey continental line in the Virginia campaign of 1781

New York City during the American Revolution

New York in the Revolution as colony and state vol.1+2

North Carolina 1780-81

Observations on Mr. Stedman's History of the American war - Sir Henry Clinton

Officers of the Continental Army - revised 1914

Officers of the Continental Army

Official letters to the Honorable American Congress written during the war between the united colonies and Great Britain - Washington vol.1+2

Official register of the officers and men of New Jersey in the revolutionary war

Onondaga's soldiers of the revolution

Order book of Fort Sullivan and extracts from journals of soldiers in Gen. Sullivan's Army relating to Fort Sullivan at Tioga Point, Pennsylvania, 1779

Order book of Samuel Elbert, Colonel and Brigadier General, Continental Army, Oct 1776, to Nov, 1778

Orderly book and journals kept by Connecticut men

Orderly book of 2nd New Hampshire regt. during the siege of Boston

Orderly Book of Capt Ichabod Norton of Col.Motts Regt.

Orderly book of Captain Robert Gamble of the Second Virginia regiment

Orderly book of De Lancey's Brigade of Loyalists,1776-78

Orderly book of Gen Burgoyne

Orderly book of General Washington at Valley Forge 1777

Orderly book of Lt. Chittenden 7.Conn.Regt. 1776

Orderly Book of Major Heth 3rd Virginian regt 1777

Orderly book of Sir John Johnson during his campaign against Fort Stanwix; Nov.1776 to July 1777

Orderly book of Sir John Johnson during the Oriskany campaign, 1776-77

Orderly book of the Maryland loyalists regiment, June 18th, 1778, to October 12th, 1778

Orderly book of the New Jersey Brigade 1780

Orderly Book of the Northern Army, at Ticonderoga and Mt Independence, from Oct 17th, 1776, to Jan 8th, 1777

Orderly-book of the Pennsylvania state regiment of foot May 10 to Aug 16, 1777

Original papers relating to the siege of Charleston 1780

Original revolutionary chronicle - the battle-day of Germantown

Oriskany, 6th August, 1777 - the decisive collision of the American Revolution

Our French allies

Our sea forces in the revolution

Our struggle for the fourteenth colony Canada, and the American revolution vol.1

Our struggle for the fourteenth colony Canada, and the American revolution vol.2

Out-letters of the Continental Marine Committee and Board of Admiralty, Aug, 1776-Sept, 1780 vol.1

Out-letters of the Continental Marine Committee and Board of Admiralty, Aug, 1776-Sept, 1780 vol.2

Papers relating to the expedition to Ticonderoga, April and May, 1775

Paul Jones, his exploits in English seas during 1778-1780, contemporary accounts collected from English newspapers, with a complete bibliography

Paul Lunt's diary May-December, 1775

Pennsylvania in the War of the Revolution associated battalions and militia vol.1+2

Pennsylvania in the war of the revolution, battalions and line. 1775-1783 vol.1

Personal recollections of the American revolution - A private journal

Personal recollections of the revolutionary war

Prisoners of war (British and American) 1778

Proceedings of a Board of general officers of the British army New York 1781

Proceedings of a board of general officers respecting Major John André

Proceedings of a general court martial of Major-Gen.Arnold

Proceedings of a general court martial, held at White Plains, New-York by order of General Washington, for the trial of Major General St. Clair, Aug 25, 1778

Proceedings of a general court-martial held at Brunswick, New-Jersey, by order of Gen. Washington, for the trial of Major-General Lee, July 4th, 1778

Pulaskis legion

Rag Tag and Bobtail - the story of the Continental Army

Recollections and private memoirs of Washington

Recollections of a Georgia loyalist

Recollections of an old soldier. The life of Captain David Perry, a soldier of the French and revolutionary wars

Recollections of the Jersey prison ship

Reed and Cadwalader pamphlets with an appendix

Regimental colors in the war of the revolution

Regulations for the order and discipline of the troops of the United States part I – 1779

Relics of the revolution; the story of the discovery of the buried remains of military life in forts and camps on Manhattan Island

Remarks on General Burgoyne's State of the expedition from Canada

Reminiscences of Gen. Warren and Bunker Hill

Reminiscences of Gen'l Samuel B. Webb of the Revolutionary Army

Reminiscences of old Dunstable

Reminiscences of the revolution, or Le Loup's bloody trail from Salem to Fort Edward 1777

Revolutionary characters of New Haven

Revolutionary defences in Rhode Island

Revolutionary Diplomatic correspondence of the US SIX vols

Revolutionary History of North Carolina

Revolutionary incidents of Suffolk and Kings Counties

Revolutionary Leaders of North Carolina

Revolutionary orders of General Washington issued during the years 1778-82

Revolutionary services and civil life of General William Hull

Revolutionary war journals of Henry Dearborn, 1775-1783

Rifles and Riflemen and the Battle of Kings Mountain

Rochambeau, father and son

Roll of New Hampshire soldiers at the battle of Bennington, August 16, 1777

Rolls of the soldiers in the revolutionary war vol.1 - New Hampshire

Rolls of the soldiers in the revolutionary war vol.3 - New Hampshire

Rolls of the soldiers in the revolutionary war vol.4 - New Hampshire

Rolls of the soldiers in the revolutionary war, 1775 to 1783 – Vermont

Rules and articles, for the better government of the troops raised, or to be raised by the united English colonies of North America