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A collection of 161 titles on Aviation in the Great War 1914-18.

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US air service in WW1 - 4 volumes

17th aero squadron ...December, 1918

50th Aero Squadron

60 squadron, R.A.F

90th aero squadron, AEF

91st Aero Squadron Air Service, U.S.A.

639th aero squadron book, being a record of the squadron's activities

840th Aero squadron

A flying fighter; an American above the lines in France

A happy warrior; letters of William Muir Russel, an American aviator 

A History of U.S. Naval Aviation

A Preliminary to War. 1st Aero Squadron and the Mexican Punitive Expedition of 1916

A soldier of the sky

A subaltern's share in the war, letters of the late George Weston Devenish, lieut. RA, attached RFC

Above the Battles

Above the French lines; letters of Stuart Walcott, American aviator July 4, 1917, to Dec 8, 1917

Aerial observation - the airplane observer, the balloon observer, and the Army Corps pilot

Aerial Russia

Aeronautics in the United States at the signing of the armistice, Nov 11, 1918

Aeroplanes and dirigibles of war (1915)

Air men o' war

Air navigation for flight officers 1917

Air service handbook (1918)

Air service journal

Aircraft in the great war

Aircraft in war and peace

Aircraft in war

Aircraft in warfare, the dawn of the fourth arm

Airfare of to-day and of the future

American air service observation in World War I

An Aviator's Field Book Oswald Bölcke, from Aug 1, 1914 to Oct 28, 1916

An explorer in the air service

Au ciel de Verdun, notes d'un aviateur

Aviation in Canada, 1917-1918

Balloon observation

British airships, past, present & future

Brother Bosch, an airman's escape from Germany

Cavalry of the clouds

Diary and letters of a marine aviator

D'Orcy's airship manual

Eastern nights--and flights, a record of oriental adventure

En l'air! (In the air) Three years on and above three fronts

En plein vol - souvenirs de guerre aérienne


Fisher Body Aeroplane Div - de Havilland & Caproni Biplanes

Fletcher Ladd McCordic, 1st Lieut., 88th Aero Squadron A.E.F., 1891-1919

Flieger des ersten Weltkrieges

Flying for France, with the American escadrille at Verdun

Flying men and their machines

Flying officers of the U.S.N

Georges Guynemer - knight of the air

Glorious exploits of the air

Go, get 'em! The true adventures of an American aviator of the Lafayette Flying Corps

Green balls, the adventures of a night-bomber

Guynemer, the ace of aces

Heroes of aviation

Heroic airmen and their exploits

High adventure; a narrative of air fighting in France

History of anti-aircraft guns

In the clouds above Baghdad, being the records of an air commander

Instructions for the employment of aerial observation in liaison with the artillery 

Learning to fly in the U. S. Army; a manual of aviation practice

Like a Thunderbolt - the Lafayette Escadrille and the Advent of American Pursuit 

Luck on the wing


Military observation balloons

My airman over there

Navy air pilot and military aeronautic review - April 1918

New England aviators 1914-1918;  vol.1

New England aviators 1914-1918;  vol.2

Night bombing with the Bedouins

Notes on anti-aircraft guns

Our air force, the keystone of national defense

Our flying men

Outwitting the Hun - my escape from a German prison camp

Over the German Lines - An RAF Artillery Squadron in France

Pat Crowe, aviator

Photographs of H.M. vessels & auxiliaries taken from the air

Plane tales from the skies

Practical aviation for military airmen

Quentin Roosevelt; a sketch with letters

R.F.C. H.Q., 1914-1918

Short flights with the cloud cavalry

Sky fighters of France - aerial warfare, 1914-1918

Summary of air information. 2nd Section, General Staff. GHQ, AEF 1918

Tails up

Textbook of Naval Aeronautics

The aeroplane in war

The air man, his conquests in peace and war

The Air Services of the Dover Patrol

The American spirit; letters of Briggs Kilburn Adams, lieutenant, RFC

The Australian Flying Corps in the western and eastern theatres of war

The Book of Airships

The defence of London, 1915-18

The development of German Army airplanes during the war

The eyes of the army and navy

The flying ace

The flying spy

The flying Yankee

The German air force in the Great War

The Lafayette flying corps, Volume 1

The Lafayette flying corps, Volume 2

The red battle flyer

The romance of aircraft (1919)

The romance of air-fighting (1917)

The Royal Flying Corps in the war

The spider web, the romance of a flying-boat war flight

The story of the Lafayette escadrille told by its commander, Captain Thenault

The struggle in the air, 

The United States Army Air Arm, 1861-1917

The war in the air; being the story of the part played in the Great War by the RAF. SIX volumes

The way of the air (1917)

The way of the eagle (1919)

Thrilling deeds of British airmen (1917)

Unit equipment manual for the Aviation Section, Signal Corps

US Naval Aviation in WW1

Victor Chapman's letters from France, with memoir (1917)

War Birds - Diary of an Unknown Aviator

War flying

War letters of Edmond Genet, the first American aviator killed flying the stars and stripes

Winged warfare - W A Bishop

Wings of war

With the flying squadron, being the war letters of the late Harold Rosher to his family

With the French flying corps

Zeppelin; the story of a great achievement

Zeppelins, the past and future

The Second Army Air Service book

Notes on the interpretation of aeroplane photographs. Revised March 1917

The Aeroplane Speaks

The Curtiss standard JN4-D military tractor hand book, 1918

The flight across the Atlantic

The ideals and training of a flying officer. the letters and journal of Flight Lieutenant R.W. Maclennan, R.F.C., killed in France, 23rd Dec, 1917

The Second Army Air Service book

Aircraft of all nations, a new series of photographs

Airplanes, airships, aircraft engines

American Fighter Combat During WWI - How Significant Was America's Late Entry

Angels of Armageddon. the RAF in the Battle of Megiddo

Archie in the A.E.F. the creation of the antiaircraft service of the United States Army

Armed for Success. External Factors of the World War I Aces

Battle for air supremacy over the Somme. 1 June-30 November 1916

Biplanes and Bombsights, British Bombing in World War I

British Naval Aviation and the Anti-Submarine Campaign, 1917-18

Field service manual for balloon companies

Forgotten airwar; airpower in the Mesopotamian Campaign

Friction and Airpower During WWI

History of the 649th Aero Supply Squadron with the AEF in France

ISSODUN; The Making of America's First Eagles

Operational lessons from the dawn of air power

The American Approach to Aerial Reconnaissance and Observation 

The Development and Emergence of the American De Havilland (DH-4) Aeroplane

Training Air Service Pursuit Pilots in World War I

Zeppelins and Super-Zeppelins

The Aeroplane Magazine - 18 volumes 1914-1919