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154 titles on the fighting in the Balkans, at Gallipoli, Near and Far East.
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The books are;
At the Serbian front in Macedonia

Autobiography of a Woman Soldier A Brief Record of Adventure with the Serbian Army 1916-19

Campaigning in the Balkans

From Serbia to Jugoslavia; Serbia's victories, reverses and final triumph, 1914-1918

In Salonica with our army

Macedonian musings

Relief work in eastern Macedonia

Russia, the Balkans and the Dardanelles

Salonica and after;  the sideshow that ended the war

Serbia's part in the war vol.1

The Balkan war adventures of war with cross and crescent

The cradle of the war

The flaming sword in Serbia and elsewhere

The Macedonian campaign

The Salonica side-show

The Salonika front

The story of the Salonica army

The war and the Balkans

Through the Serbian campaign - the great retreat of the Serbian army

With the French in France and Salonika

With the Serbs in Macedonia
Antwerp to Gallipoli

At Suvla Bay

By-ways on service; notes from an Australian journal

Five Months at ANZAC

From Gallipoli to Baghdad

Gallipoli Diary by Gen.Hamilton Vol.1


Inside Constantinople - a diplomatist's diary during the Dardanelles expedition, April-September, 1915

On two fronts; being the adventures of an Indian mule corps in France and Gallipoli

The big fight (Gallipoli to the Somme)

The Dardanelles - with maps

The Dardanelles campaign

The Dardanelles; colour sketches from Gallipoli

The diary of a Yeomanry M.O.  Egypt, Gallipoli, Palestine and Italy

The first Five Hundred; being a historical sketch of the military operations of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment in Gallipoli and on the Western Front during the Great War

The immortal gamble and the part played in it by H. M. S. Cornwallis

The incomparable 29th and the RIVER CLYDE

The New Zealanders at Gallipoli

The Tenth (Irish) division in Gallipoli

Trenching at Gallipoli; personal narrative of a Newfoundlander with the ill-fated Dardanelles expedition

Trooper Bluegum at the Dardanelles

Uncensored letters from the Dardanelles

With the 29th division in Gallipoli, a chaplain's experiences

With the Zionists in Gallipoli
A brief record of the advance of the Egyptian expeditionary force under Gen Allenby 1917-18

A Kut prisoner

A prisoner in Turkey

Australasia triumphant! with the Australians and New Zealanders in the great war on land and sea

Australia in arms. the Australasian imperial force and their achievement at Anzac

Australia in Palestine

British campaigns in the nearer East, 1914-18. From outbreak of war with Turkey to armistice, vol.1+2

Caught by the Turks

From Berlin to Bagdad; behind the scenes in the Near East

Glorious deeds of Australasians in the great war

How Jerusalem was won, Allenby's Campaign in Palestine

In brigands' hands and Turkish prisons, 1914-18

Letters from Mesopotamia

London men in Palestine

Memories of a Turkish statesman--1913-19

Mons, Anzac and Kut

On secret patrol in high Asia

On the Anzac trail, diary of a New Zealand sapper

Photographic record of the British operations in Palestine 1917

Sir Archibald Murray's despatches  (June 1916-June 1917)

The adventures of Dunsterforce

The Australian Army Medical Corps in Egypt 

The Australian Imperial Force in Sinai and Palestine

The British intervention in Transcaspia 1918-19

The cameliers

The desert campaigns, with the Egyptian Expeditionary Force

The Desert Mounted Corps. cavalry operations in Palestine and Syria, 1917-18

The legion of marching madmen

The Leicestershires beyond Baghdad

The raiders of the Sarhad. account of a campaign against the brigands of the Persian-Baluchi border 

The road to En-Dor, how two POWs at Yozgad,Turkey won their way to freedom

The secrets of a Kuttite - an authentic story of Kut, adventures in captivity and Stamboul intrigue

The war and the Bagdad railway

The wonder of war in the Holy Land

Through Palestine with the 20th Machine Gun Squadron

Turkish prisoners in Egypt;  International committee of the Red cross

War in the garden of Eden – Iraq

With our army in Palestine

With the Black Watch in Mesopotamia,1916-17

With the British Army in the Holy Land

With the Manchesters in the East

With the Persian expedition

With the Turks in Palestine, 1916
My Diary in Serbia, April 1, 1915 - Nov.1 1915
Ambassador Morgenthau's story - US ambassador to Turkey
Crescent and iron cross
Ian Hamilton's Final Despatch (Dardanelles) 
Inside Constantinople; a diplomatist's diary during the Dardanelles expedition, 1915
Letters from Mesopotamia in 1915 and January, 1916
Roumania; yesterday and to-day
With Serbia into exile; an American's adventures with the army that cannot die
Nile to Aleppo, with the Light-horse 
Regimental records of the Royal Welch Fusiliers 
Gallipoli memories
In Kut and captivity with the 6th Indian Division
The Inland water transport in Mesopotamia
The Romance of the Last Crusade
A diary in the Dardanelles
Marvellous Mesopotamia
Snapshots of ANZAC
Tales of Billzac
The Dardanelles, their story and their significance
The 5th Battalion Highland Light Infantry in the war 
The Long Road to Baghdad volume 1 and 2
The Truth about the Dardanelles
The Uncensored Dardanelles
A nation at bay, what an American woman saw and did in suffering Serbia
A subaltern in Serbia 
Experiences of a woman doctor in Serbia
Greece and the Allies 1914-22
Montenegrin-Albanian Campaign in 1916 - the last successful campaign of Austria-Hungary
My Balkan log
Report upon the atrocities committed by the Austro-Hungarian army during the first invasion of Serbia
Secrets of the Balkans; a diplomatist's life in the storm centre of Europe
Significance of the Bulgarian senior military leadership 
Study of how the allied cavalry contributed to D'Esperey's victory at Saloniki in 1918
The luck of thirteen; wanderings and flight through Montenegro and Serbia
The retreat from Serbia through Montenegro and Albania
Cultural arrogance and blind faith; the strategic origins of the Dardanelles Campaign
Gallipoli Campaign
How did supply retard the British attack at the Dardanelles
Lesson from the Dardanelles
Military geography in the Gallipoli campaign, 1915
Waging War With Blinders On. Cognitive Bias and British Decision-Makers in Gallipoli 
450 miles to freedom - eight British officers in their escape from the Turks
A message from Mesopotamia
An administrator in the making, James Saumarez Mann (Iraq)
British G-2 operations during the Palestine campaign, March 1917
British G-2 operations during the period 1 Oct-Nov 1917
Crescent and iron cross
Deep Battle. The British 1918 Offensive in Palestine
How did supply affect Townshend's first advance on Baghdad
Incomplete victory. General Allenby and mission command in Palestine, 1917-18
Influence of military geography on the Palestine campaign
Loyalties Mesopotamia 1914 -1917
Mesopotamia 1914-15
Middle Eastern geographies of World War I
The Campaign In Mesopotamia 1914-1918 Four Volumes
The Haversack Ruse, British Deception Operations in Palestine 
The Mesopotamian Campaign.The British Experience in Iraq 
To Bagdad with the British
With the R.A.M.C. in Egypt