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160 titles on Bismarcks wars for German Unification:-
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The books are;


Bismarck, the man and the statesman vols.1+2

Diaries of the Emperor Frederick during the campaigns of 1866 and 1870-71

Correspondence of William I. & Bismarck vols.1+2

Emperor's Diary of the Austro-German War, 1866 and the Franco-German War

Refounding of the German Empire, 1848-71


Prussian-Danish War 1864

A Personal Narrative of Recent Military events in Denmark

Danes in camp; letters from Sönderborg

Invasion of Denmark in 1864 vols.1+2

Schleswig-Holstein War, Vols.1+2

Tale of Danish heroism

Wars between the Danes and Germans


Austro-Prussian War of 1866

A Lady's Glimpse of the Late War in Bohemia

Narrative of the War between Austria and Prussia

Political and Military Review of the Austro-Italian War

political and military review of the war

Battlefields of 1866

Bohemia. 1866

Letters from Florence, Italy,1866

Moltke's projects for the campaign of 1866 against Austria

Observations in the military hospitals of Dresden

Operations of the War


Campaign in Germany

Campaign of Königgrätz, a study of the Austro-Prussian conflict in the light of the American Civil War

Chaplain in the field of war - experiences during the Prussian campaign

Overthrow of the Germanic Confederation by Prussia

Seven weeks' war vols.1+2


Franco-Prussian War of 1870

Diplomat's memoir of 1870, a balloon escape from the siege of Paris - political mission to London and Vienna

America's aid to Germany in 1870-71

Analysis of the organization of the Prussian army 

Anglo-American ambulance Dr. MacCormac's Report

Artillery Retrospect of the Last Great War, 1870 

Battle field of Sedan, a fortnight with the German armies in Lorraine

Bismarck in the Franco-German war, vols.1+2

Bismarck; some secret pages of his history vols.1-3

Bismarck's Letters to His Wife from the Seat of War, 

British policy and opinion during the Franco-Prussian war

Campaign of 1870-1871. The German artillery in the battles near Metz

Cassell's history of the war between France and Germany, vols.1+2

Cavalry on service – Maps

Cavalry on service

Cavalry studies from two great wars

Correspondence Respecting the Negotiations Preliminary to the War Between France and Prussia

Count Arnim's Reply to the Charges Contained in a Letter from Prince Bismarck

Diary of the besieged resident in Paris

Echoes of a Famous Year

Eight Months on Duty; Diary of a Young Officer in Chanzy's Army

Extracts from Moltke's correspondence pertaining to the war 

Falkner's comic album of the war 

Field-marshal Count Moltke

For King and Fatherland

40 years after, the story of the Franco-German war

Franco-German War and insurrection of the commune

Franco-German War - Source Book

From Sedan to Saarbruck Via Verdun, Gravelotte, and Metz

Great European conflict. Franco-Prussian War

Historical diary of the war between France and Germany

History of the American Ambulance Established in Paris During the Siege

How French soldiers fared in German prisons; reminiscences of a French army chaplain

How the French make war

In France with the Germans, Vols.1+2

In peace and war, autobiographical sketches

Ireland & France

Ireland, France, and Prussia; speeches and writings of John Mitchel

Journal of a staff-officer in Paris

Journal of the Siege of Paris

Journals of Field-Marshall Count von Blumenthal for 1866 and 1870-71

Killed at Saarbruck - An Englishman's Adventures During the War

La compagnie irlandaise, reminiscences of the Franco-German war

Lessons on Hygiene and Surgery from the Franco-Prussian War

Letters on the war between Germany and France

Lucie's diary of the siege of Strasbourg. By a young lady of Alsace

Marches Franco-Prussian War, 1870-71

Memoirs of Dr. Thomas W. Evans

Memoirs of M. Thiers

Memories and studies of war and peace

Military letters and essays

Modern War, Or, The Campaigns of the First Prussian Army

Moltke A Biographical and Critical Study

Moltke's Military Correspondence vol.1

My days of adventure; the fall of France

My diary during the last great war

My Experiences of the War Between France and Germany vols.1+2

My private diary during the siege of Paris vols.1+2

Notes and recollections of an ambulance surgeon

Notes on the operations of the north German troops in Lorraine and Picardy

On the Trail of the War

Operations of the German Engineers and Technical Troops

Our adventures during the War vols.1+2

Paris after two sieges

Parisiana ; (the Real Truth about the Bombardment)

Parliamentary Papers; Franco-German War, Vol.1

Personal Memoirs of P. H. Sheridan, General, US Army

Plan of the Battle of Sedan, accompanied by a short memoir

Principles and methods of conducting wide envelopments, as illustrated by operations of the Franco-Prussian War

Prussia and the Franco-Prussian War

Quaker Campaigns in Peace and War

Recollections of a Minister to France 1869-77 vols.1+2

Reminiscences of an octogenarian Hungarian exile

Reminiscences of Berlin during the Franco-German War 

Reminiscences of the Franco-Irish Ambulance

Robert Helmont - diary of a recluse 

Rough notes of a visit to Belgium, Sedan, and Paris in Sept 

Saarbrück to Paris, 1870 A Strategical Sketch

Shut Up in Paris

6 Months Under the Red Cross, with the French Army

Some notes of the past

St. Privat - German sources

Struggles and Experiences of a Neutral Volunteer vols.1+2

Tactical Deductions from the War

10 years of my life

Betrayal of Metz; a new ed. of The fall of Metz

Campaign of 1870-71 1st Army Under Gen Von Manteuffel

Campaign of Sedan the downfall of the 2nd empire, Aug-Sept, 1870

Campaign of Sedan, Aug-Sept, 1870

Fall of Metz. An account of the 70 days' siege 

Feeding of Fighting Armies Franco-German War

Franco-German War – Moltke

War to the Catastrophe of Sedan and the Fall of Strassburg

Franco-Prussian War and its hidden causes

France's Ill-fortune, Prussia's Vindictiveness

Franco-Prussian war in a nutshell

Franco-Prussian War its causes, incidents, and consequences vols.1+2

French Campaign 

French Cavalry in 1870

Germans in France; method and conduct of the invasion

Great war of 1870 between France and Germany

The Hatzfeldt letters, to his wife, written from the HQ of the King of Prussia

Military Resources of Prussia and France

Origins of the war, new documents from German archives

The people's war in France 

School and the army in Germany and France + diary of siege life at Versailles

siege operations in the campaign against France, 1870-71

Track of the War Around Metz

War Correspondence of the Daily News Vols.1+2

War for the Rhine Frontier, 1870 vols.1-3

War in Europe of 1870-1 With an Enquiry Into Its Probable Consequences

War of 1870, Events and Incidents

Year of Battles

What I saw of the war at Speichern, Gorze, & Gravelotte

With an ambulance during the Franco-German war, with both armies

With the royal headquarters

Bismarck's Wars of German Unification