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A collection of 116 titles Biographies of famous officers who served throughout the Empire

The books are all in PDF format and come on a USB stick
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The books are;


A history of the British army vol.11 1815-38

A history of the British army vol.12 1839-52

A history of the British army vol.13 Maps

A hundred years of conflict being some records of the services of six generals of the Doyle family, 1756-1856

A memoir of his private life based on the journals and correspondence of His Royal Highness Duke of Cambridge vols.1+2

Addiscombe, its heroes and men of note

An old soldier's memories

At home and on the battlefield; letters from the Crimea, China and Egypt, 1854-88

Autobiography and journals of Admiral Lord Clarence E. Paget, G.C.B.

Autobiography of Lt.Gen. Sir Harry Smith Vols.1+2

Battle Honours of the British Army

Brave British soldiers and the Victoria cross (Boys own)

Britain's roll of glory

British military prints

British Regiments at the front, the story of their battle honours

Campaigning on the Oxus, and the fall of Khiva

Campaigns of a war correspondent

Colin Campbell, Lord Clyde

Days of a soldier's life - being letters of Gen.Walker

Empire on the seven seas the British Empire 1784-1939

Essay on the Military Policy and Institutions of the British Empire

Fifty years in the Royal Navy - Sir Percy Scott

From Kabul to Kumassi. Twenty-four years of soldiering and sport

From midshipman to field marshal vols.1+2

Frontiers and Wars by Churchill

General Sir Alex Taylor - His Times His Friends And His Work vol.1

Handbook for the 0.45 inch Gatling gun

Her Majesty's Army; a descriptive account of the various regiments now comprising the Queen's forces, vols.1-4

How I won the Victoria cross (1860)

Information in War Its Acquisition and Transmission

Jane's fighting ships 1900

Life and correspondence of Field Marshal Sir John Burgoyne vols.1+2

life and services of General Lord Harris

Life of Field Marshal Lord Raglan

Life of Field-Marshal Sir Neville Chamberlain

Life of Sir Henry Lawrence vols.1+2

Life of Sir John Hawley Glover

Life, letters and diaries of Lt.General Sir Gerald Graham

Lord Cardwell at the War office; a history of his administration, 1868-74

Lord Roberts of Kandahar VC

Lord Wantage, V.C., K.C.B. a memoir

Major-General Sir Frederick S. Roberts, a memoir

Memoir of the Life of Admiral Sir Edward Codrington vol.2

Memoirs and letters of the late Colonel Armine S.H. Mountain, C.B., adc to the Queen and Adjutant-General of Her Majesty's forces in India

Memoirs of Admiral the Right Honorable Sir Astley Cooper Key

Memoirs of an ex-minister; an autobiography

Memories and services of the late lieutenant-general Ellis Royal Marines

Memories of Seven Campaigns - 35 years service

Military Expeditions Beyond the Seas, Volume 1

My naval career and travels

My service days India, Afghanistan, Suakin '85, and China

Narrative of the late expedition to Syria vols.1+2

Naval gunnery; a description and history of the fighting equipment of a man-of-war

Organization, composition, and strength of the army of Great Britain 1863 

Our redcoats and bluejackets

Our Sailors

Our soldiers gallant deeds of the British army during the reign of Queen Victoria

Particulars of the warships of the world

Private letters of the Marquess of Dalhousie

Recent British battles on land and sea

Recollections of a rifleman's wife

Recollections of my life - Surgeon-General Sir Joseph Fayrer

Records of service and campaigning in many lands vols.1+2 - Surgeon-Gen. Munro

Reminiscences of three campaigns

Report of Chief Engineer J. W. King, US navy, on European ships of war, naval administration and economy

Service memories by Surgeon-General Sir A D Home, VC, KCB.

Sir Redvers Buller

Sir Thomas Munro and the British settlement of Madras presidency

Sir William Butler, an autobiography

Soldiers of the Victorian age vols.1+2

Some memories of my spare time - Sir Henry Brackenbury

Standing orders for the Royal regiment of artillery 1864

Storms and Sunshine of a Soldier's Life. Lt.-General Colin Mackenzie, CB, 1825-81 vols.1+2

The armies of Asia and Europe embracing official reports on the armies of Japan, China, India, Persia, Italy, Russia, Austria, Germany, France, and England

The Armies of Europe

The Armies of the Great Powers – 1859

The Armies of To-day – 1892

The autobiography of William Simpson, R. I. (Crimean Simpson)

The battles of the british army (19th cent.)

The book of the Victoria cross

The history of the British navy vol.3

The history of the dress of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, 1625-1897

The life and campaigns of Hugh, first Viscount Gough, Field-Marshal vols.1+2

The Life and Letters of Sir John Hall

The life and times of General Sir James Browne, R.E.

The life and times of Sir John Charles Molteno vols.1+2

The life of Gordon, major-general, R.E.,C.B.; Turkish field-marshal, grand cordon Medjidieh, and pasha; Chinese titu, Yellow jacket order

The life of Major-General Sir Henry Marion Durand of the Royal Engineers vols.1+2

The life of Major-General Sir Thomas Munro vols.1+2

The life of Major-General Wauchope

The life of Sir George Pomeroy-Colley, 1835-81; in Kaffraria,in China,in Ashanti,in India and in Natal

The life of the late General F.R. Chesney, Colonel Commandant, Royal Artillery

The navy and the nation; or, Naval warfare and imperial defence

The old Empire and the new

The organisation of the Royal Naval Artillery Volunteers explained

The screw-fleet of the navy

The story of Chinese Gordon

The Victoria Cross official chronicle of the deeds of personal valour 1856-80

The War in Syria vols.1+2

Twenty years in the near East

Colonial Era Biographies and More