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A collection of 103 titles on the British Colonial experience in the Indian sub-continent from Persia to Burma


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The books are;


A compilation of all the orders 1750 to 1801 Bombay army

A dictionary of the Pathan tribes on the north-west frontier of India

A frontier campaign a narrative of the operations of the Malakand and Buner

A great country's little wars

A Handbook of the Fighting Races of India

A History of the Hyderabad Contingent

A history of the Indian Mutiny; reviewed and illustrated from original sources vols.1-3

A history of the Sepoy War in India 1857-1858 vols.1-6

A history of the Sikhs from the origin of the nation to the battles of the Sutlej

A journal of the disasters in Affghanistan, 1841-2

A journal of the march of the Bombay detachment, across the Mahratta country, from Culpee to Surat, in 1778

A journey through the kingdom of Oude in 1849-1850 vols.1+2

A Lady's Diary of the Siege of Lucknow

A leader of Light horse, life of Hodson of Hodson's horse

A narrative of the siege of Delhi with an account of the mutiny at Ferozepore in 1857

A particular account of the European military adventures of Hindustan, from 1784 to 1803

A personal narrative of the siege of Lucknow

A personal narrative of two years' imprisonment in Burmah, 1824-26

A political history of the extraordinary events which led to the Burmese war

A soldier's memories in peace and war

A six years' diary

A turning point in the Indian mutiny

A volunteer's scramble through Scinde, the Punjab, Hindostan, and the Himalayah Mountains vol.1

A widow's reminiscences of the siege of Lucknow

A year on the Punjab frontier, in 1848-49 vols.1+2

An account of the mutinies in Oudh, and of the siege of the Lucknow residency

An historical sketch of the native states of India in subsidiary alliance with the British government

An unrecorded chapter of the Indian mutiny, being the personal reminiscences of Reginald G. Wilberforce

Analytical index to Sir John W. Kaye's History of the Sepoy war, and Col. G. B. Malleson's History of the Indian mutiny

Annals of India for the year 1848

Campaign of the Indus - in a series of letters from an officer of the Bombay division

Campaigning Experiences In Rajpootana And Central India 1857-58

Campaigns on the North-west Frontier

Cassell's illustrated history of India vols.1+2

Cavalry Experiences and Leaves from My Journal


Char-ee-kar and service there with the 4th Goorkha Regt (Shah Shooja's force) 1841, an episode of the first Afghan War

China Jim; being incidents and adventures in the life of an Indian mutiny veteran

Chitrál - the story of a minor siege

Colonel Grodekoff's ride from Samarcand to Herat

Colonel Sir Robert Sandeman. His Life and Work on Our Indian Frontier

Commentaries on the Punjab Campaign, 1848-49

Conquest of Scinde

Daily life during the Indian Mutiny personal experiences of 1857

Day by Day at Lucknow

Delhi - 1857 the siege, assault, and capture

Diary of a March through Sinde and Afghanistan 1843

Documents illustrative of the Burmese war 1824-26

Eight months' campaign against the Bengal Sepoy army, during the mutiny of 1857

Eighteen years in the Khyber, 1879-98

England and Russia face to face in Asia; travels with the Afghan Boundary Commission

Extracts from letters to Mrs. Bamfield from her husband and son, during the second Seikh war

Famous fights of Indian native regiments

41 years in India From Subaltern To Commander-In-Chief - Lord Roberts VC

Four Years' Service in India

From the Black Mountain to Waziristan

Frontier and overseas expeditions from India vols.1-6

General Gilbert's Raid to the Khyber

General John Jacob, commandant of the Sind irregular horse

Handbook for the Indian army – Sikhs


Her Majesty's army, Indian and colonial forces, vols.1+2

Heroes of the Indian mutiny; stories of heroic deeds

Hindustan under free lances, 1770-1820 sketches of military adventure

Historical record of the HEIC 1st Madras European Regt

Historical Records of the 122nd Rajputana Infantry

Historical records of the XIII Madras infantry

History of British India; the Afghan war, conquest of Scinde and Gwalior,war in the Punjab

History of the 1st Sikh Infantry vols.1+2

History of the Bengal Artillery vol.2

History of the Indian Mutiny in 1857

History of the Indian navy. (1613-1863) Vols.1+2

History of the organization, equipment, and war services of the regiment of Bengal artillery vols.1+2

History of the war in Afghanistan vols.1-3

Incidents in India and memories of the mutiny, with some records of Alexander's Horse and 1st Bengal Cavalry

Incidents in the Sepoy War, 1857-58. From the Private Journals of Gen. Grant

India and the frontier states of Afghanistan, Nipal and Burma vols.1+2

Indian Frontier Warfare

Indian Mutiny Papers 1

Indian Mutiny Papers 2

Indian Mutiny Papers 3

Colonial Era - Indian Sub-Continent part 1