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A collection of 103 titles on the British Colonial experience in the Indian sub-continent from Persia to Burma

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The books are;

Journal of a cavalry officer including the memorable Sikh campaign of 1845-46

Journal of a march from Delhi to Peshâwur, and from thence to Câbul, with the mission of Lt.-Colonel Sir C.M. Wade

Journal of a tour through part of the snowy range of the Himala Mountains

Journal of the Sutlej campaign of 1845-6 and also of Lord Hardings's tour in the following winter

Journals of the Sieges of the Madras Army 1817-19

Kandahar in 1879 Being the Diary of Major Le Messurier, RE

Kurum, Kabul & Kandahar being a brief record of impressions in three campaigns under General Roberts

Leaves from the journal of a subaltern during the campaign in the Punjaub, Sept. 1848 to March 1849

Letters Written During the Siege of Delhi

Letters written in a Mahratta camp during the year 1809

Lt-Col J Haughton, commandant of the 36th Sikhs; a hero of Tirah, a memoir

Life and opinions of Major-General Sir Charles Metcalfe MacGregor vol.1

Life in the ranks

Life of field marshal Sir George White – India

Life of the amir Dost Mohammed Khan of Kabul vols.1+2

Lockhart's advance through Tirah

Lord Amherst and the British advance eastwards to Burma

Lumsden of the Guides

Making of a frontier five years' experiences and adventures in Gilgit, Hunza, Nagar, Chitral & the eastern Hindu-Kush

Memoir of General John Briggs, of the Madras army

Memoir of the early operations of the Burmese war

Memoir of the services of the Bengal artillery, from the formation of the corps

Memoir of the three campaigns of major general Campbell - India 1823

Memoirs and Correspondence of Major-General Sir William Nott vols.1+2

Memoirs and Correspondence of Viscount Combermere Vol.2

Memoirs of a griffin; or, A cadet's first year in India

Memoirs of General Sir Henry Dermot Daly

Memoirs of the extraordinary military career of John Shipp

Memoirs of the late war in Asia with a narrative of the imprisonment and sufferings of our officers and soldiers vols.1+2

Memoirs of the operations of the British army in India, 1817-19

Memorials of the life and letters of Maj-General Sir Herbert B. Edwardes vols.1+2

Memories Of The Mutiny vol.2

Military Memoir of Lt.Col. James Skinner - Indian cavalry Vols.1+2

Military mutiny in India, Leopold von Orlich

Military operations on the north-west frontiers of India 1897-8

Military service and adventures in the Far East; Afghans in 1839, and the Sikhs in 1845-6 vols.1+2

Mutiny memoirs being personal reminiscences of the great Sepoy Revolt of 1857

My experiences in Manipur and the Naga hills

My Indian journal by Col. W Campbell

My Three Years in Manipur and Escape from the Recent Mutiny

Narrative of services in Beloochistan & Affghanistan in the years 1840-42

Narrative of the Burmese war, detailing the operations of Major-Gen. Sir Archibald Campbell's army from May, 1824, to Feb 1826

Narrative of the Burmese war, in 1824-25

Narrative of the Campaign of the Indus in Sind and Kaubool in 1838-9 vols.1+2

Narrative of the captivity of an officer who fell into the hands of the Burmese

Narrative of the late victorious campaigns in Affghanistan, under General Pollock

Narrative of the mutiny of the officers of the army in Bengal, in the year 1766

Narrative of the naval operations in Ava, during the Burmese war, in 1824-26

Narrative Of The Second Seikh War In 1848-49

Narrative sketches of the conquest of the Mysore 1799

Northern Afghanistan; or, Letters from the Afghan boundary commission

Notes on cases of gunshot and sword wounds on the North West Frontier

Notes on the wounded from the mutiny in India

Operations of the Juanpore field force 1858

Oriental Campaigns and European Furloughs. The Autobiography of an Indian Mutiny Veteran

Origin and authentic narrative of the present Maratta war,and also the late Rohilla war in 1773-7

Oudh and the east india company - 1785 to 1801

Our Afghan policy and the occupation of Candahar

Our Burmese wars

Our Chronicle. Published Monthly by the 67th(South Hants)Regt, Issues 1-48

Our Indian army a military history of the British empire in the East

Outline of the operations of the British troops in Scinde and Afghanistan, betwixt Nov. 1838 and Nov. 1841

Outram and Havelock's Persian Campaign

Papers relating to military operations in Affghanistan presented to both Houses of Parliament, by command of Her Majesty, 1843

Papers Relating To The Punjab 1847-1849

Pegu - 2nd Burmese War

Personal adventures during the Indian rebellion in Rohilcund, Futtehghur, and Oude

Personal records of the Kandahar campaign

Political incidents of the first Burmese war

Private Journal of Captain L Brown, 5th regt. Bombay Native Infantry 1840

Private journal of Henry Francis Brooke, late brig-gen. 2nd infantry brigade, Kandahar field force, Southern Afghanistan, April - August, 1880

Recollections of a Highland Subaltern, 93rd Highlanders India,1857-59

Recollections of Four years service in 40th regt. of Foot

Recollections of the first campaign west of the Indus

Recollections of the Kabul campaign, 1879 & 1880

Recollections of thirty-nine years in the Army

Record book of the Scinde irregular horse vols.1+2

Records of the Indian command of General Sir Charles James Napier

Records of the Intelligence Department of the government of India during the mutiny of 1857

Regimental records 5th Punjab cavalry

Reminiscences of an Indian Cavalry Officer

Reminiscences of the Burmese War, in 1824-6

Reminiscences of the Sepoy Rebellion of 1857

Report On Eastern Frontier Of British India - 1835

Report on gun-shot and sabre wounds of invalids sent to Fort Pitt 1860-61

 Rough notes of the campaign in Sinde and Afghanistan in 1838-39 being extracts from a personal journal kept while on the staff of the Army of the Indus

Sale's brigade in Afghanistan, with an account of the seizure and defence of Jellalabad

Scenes and adventures in Affghanistan

Scenes in a soldier's life, a narrative of the principal events in Scinde, Beloochistan and Affghanistan, during 1839-43

Sepoy generals, Wellington to Roberts

Sepoy Recruitment

Service and adventure with the Khakee Ressalah; or, Meerut Volunteer Horse

Services of the 102nd regiment of foot (Royal Madras Fusiliers), from 1842

Sir Robert G. Sandeman, K.C.S.I., peaceful conqueror of Baluchistan

Sitana - A Mountain Campaign on the Borders of Afghanistan in 1863

Colonial Era - Indian Sub-Continent part 2