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A collection of 116 titles on the scientific aspect of "modern warfare"

The books are all in PDF format and come on a USB stick
Delivery is post free world wide.

The books are;


A companion to the new rifle musket

Class book for the School of Musketry, Hythe; prepared for the use of officers

Field pocket-book for the auxiliary forces

Hand-book of Field Fortification Intended for the Guidance of Officers

Military transport

Mobilisation and embarkation of an army corps

Remarks on the manner of fitting boats for ships of war and transports

The Line of Communications

The organization, administration and equipment of His Majesty's Forces in peace and war

The soldier's pocket-book for field service

The views and opinions of Brigadier-General John Jacob

The young officer's companion; or Essays on military duties and qualities

Victories and defeats

Journal of the Royal Artillery – 6 Volumes

Professional papers of the Corps of Royal Engineers – 32 Volumes

Royal United Services Institute – 37 Volumes

United Service magazine – 28 Volumes

Colonial Era - Science Vs Pluck!