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136 titles covering the early 20th century. The subjects include;

the Balkan wars, Boxer uprising, the Irish easter rising and Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War.
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The titles are as follows;

A war photographer in Thrace

An American soldier under the Greek flag at Bezanie

Balkan League

Bulgaria an account of the political events during the Balkan wars

Bulgaria and her people with an account of the Balkan wars

Gunshot Roentgenograms. Roentgenograms taken in Constantinople during the Turko-Balkan War, 1912-13, gunshot wounds in the Turkish Army

 Hellas and the Balkan wars

 Letters from the Near East 1909 and 1912

Nationalism and war in the Near East

Report of the International Commission to Inquire into the Causes and Conduct of the Balkan War

The Apple of Discord, Macedonia, The Balkan League, and Military Topography 

The aspirations of Bulgaria

The Balkan cockpit, the political and military story of the Balkan wars in Macedonia

The Balkan Crisis 1912-13. The Balkan League Alliance

Adventures of war with cross and crescent

The Balkan War Drama

The Balkan wars, 1912-13

The Balkan wars, a series of lectures

The care of the wounded in the Balkan wars

The inner history of the Balkan war

The Passing of the Turkish Empire in Europe

The struggle for Scutari 

Two years under the Crescent - Tripoli + Balkans

War and women, from experience in the Balkans and elsewhere With the British Red Cross in Turkey; the experiences of two volunteers, 1912-13

With the Bulgarian staff

With the conquered Turk; the story of a latter-day adventurer

With the Turk in wartime

With the Turks in Thrace – 1912-13

With the victorious Bulgarians




1916 Rebellion in Ireland. report of the Royal Commission

A history of the Irish Rebellion of 1916

British Counterinsurgency Operations in Ireland 1916-1921. A Case Study.

Cogadh na Saoirse. British intelligence operations during the Anglo-Irish War (1916-21)

Doing my bit for Ireland

Gun Running for Casement in the Easter Rebellion, 

History of the Sinn Fein movement and the Irish Rebellion of 1916

Ireland in rebellion

Jim Connolly and the Irish rising 

John Redmond's last years

Recollections of an Irish rebel

Report of the Royal Commission on the Rebellion in Ireland - evidence and appendix

Sinn Fein Rebellion handbook. Easter, 1916

Six days of the Irish republic; a narrative and critical account of the latest phase of Irish politics

Tales of the R.I.C (Royal Irish Constabulary)

The Anglo-Irish War, 1916-21. A Study in Misunderstanding

The insurrection in Dublin

The Irish convention and Sinn Fein

The Irish rebellion of 1916 and its martyrs

The Irish rebellion of 1916; the revolt and its suppression

The Sinn Fein rebellion as I saw it


British documents on the origins of the war, 1898-1914 


British documents on the origins of the war, 1898-1914  13 vols




Italy in North Africa an account of the Tripoli enterprise

Italy's civilizing mission in Africa

Italy's war for a desert

The Arabs in Tripoli

The History of the Italian-Turkish War, Sept 29th, 1911, to Oct 18th, 1912

The Holy war in Tripoli

The Italo-Turkish war 

The Turco-Italian War and its problems

Tripoli and the treaties; or, Britain's duty in this war

Two years under the Crescent

With the Turks in Tripoli




A diary of the siege of the legations in Peking

A Marine Tells It to You

A thousand miles of miracle in China. God's delivering power from the hands of the imperial 79 - Boxers of Shan-si

Across the Desert of Gobi a narrative of an escape during the Boxer uprising

Behind the scenes in Peking

Beleaguered in Peking - the Boxer's war against the foreigner

China and the Allies vols.1+2

China and the powers - a narrative of the outbreak of 1900

China in convulsion vols.1+2

Correspondence respecting the insurrectionary movement in China

Diary of the siege of the Peking legations. June to August, 1900

From Portsmouth to Peking via Ladysmith with a naval brigade

From Tientsin to Peking with the allied forces

Indiscreet letters from Peking, 1900

Mary Porter Gamewell and her story of the siege in Peking

Military Order of the Dragon

On Active Service with the Chinese Regiment

Ordered to China; letters of Wilbur J. Chamberlin

Siege days - personal experiences of American women and children during the siege

Story of the siege hospital in Peking, and diary of events from May-Aug, 1900

The Boxer rebellion - a political and diplomatic review

The Boxer Rising - a history of the Boxer trouble in China

The commission of H.M.S. Terrible, 1898-1902

The fighting in North China up to the fall of Tientsin city

The Heart of Pekin - Bishop Favier's Diary of the Siege, May-August, 1900

The land of the boxers, or, China under the allies

The last days of Pekin

The siege in Peking - China against the world

The siege of the Peking legations, being the diary of the Rev. Roland Allen

The siege of the Peking legations

The story of the Chinese crisis

The war of the civilisations, the record of a foreign devil's experiences with the allies in China

The world's navies in the Boxer rebellion 

Two heroes of Cathay

Under the old flag - recollections of military operations in the Boxer Rebellion - Gen.Wilson US Army

 US Reports on military operations in China 

 World-crisis in China, 1900.



A prisoner of the Reds, the story of a British officer captured Siberia

An American diplomat in China

Boche and Bolshevik experiences of an Englishman in the German army and in Russian prisons

British Army. The evacuation of north Russia, 1919

China's revolution, 1911-1912 a historical and political record of the civil war

Engineer training, 1912 – British

Fighting the Turk in the Balkans; an American's adventures with the Macedonian revolutionists

Fighting Without a War. An Account of Military Intervention in North Russia

Korea's fight for freedom 1919

Organization of 1st Brigade US Marines in Eastern Mexico 1914

Pictures from the Balkans

Sea-power in the Pacific, the American-Japanese naval problem

The Battle of Warsaw, 1920. Impact on Operational Thought

The British Army in a European war (1910)

The British intervention in Transcaspia 1918-19

The Far East unveiled an inner history of events in Japan and China in the year 1916

The great battle on the Vistula  1920

The history of the American expedition fighting the Bolsheviki; campaigning in north Russia 1918-19

The new map of Europe, 1911-14

The provisioning of the modern army in the field

The second revolution in China, 1913 adventures of the fighting around Shanghai, the Arsenal, Woosung forts

Early 20th Century Warfare