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A128 volume collection on the English Civil War Era.

The era begins with King Charles' Bishops War with Scotland and ends with the restoration of the monarchy

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A chronicle of the late intestine war in the three kingdoms

A Collection of original letters and papers, concerning the affairs of England, 1641-60 vols.1+2

A discourse of the warr in Lancashire

A history of the life of Colonel Nathaniel Whetham, a forgotten soldier of the civil wars

A journal of the siege of Lathom House in Lancashire 1644

A narrative by John Ashburnham of his attendance on King Charles vols.1+2

Charles I. in 1646 Letters of King Charles the First to Queen Henrietta Maria

Cromwell as a soldier

Cromwell in Ireland, a history of Cromwell's Irish campaign

Cromwell's army - a history of the English soldier during the Civil Wars, the Commonwealth and the Protectorate

Cromwell's Scotch campaigns 1650-51

Crosby records. A cavaliers note book; being notes, anecdotes, observations of William Blundell of Crosby, Lancashire, esquire, captain of dragoons in the royalist army of 1642

Heath's historical annual; or, The great civil war of Charles I. and the Parliament

Historical gleanings on the memorable field of Naseby

History of Charles I and the English Revolution vols.1+2

History of Richard Cromwell and the restoration of Charles II vols.1+2

History of the Commonwealth and the Protectorate, 1649-56 vols.1-4

History of the great civil war, 1642-1649 vols.1-3

King and commonwealth, a history of the great rebellion

29. Letters and papers relating to the first Dutch war, 1652-54 vols.1-6

Letters from Roundhead officers written from Scotland and chiefly addressed to Captain Adam Baynes

Memoirs of Prince Rupert, and the cavaliers. Including their private correspondence Vols.1-3

Memoirs of the civil war in Wales and the Marches, 1642-49, Vols.1+2

Memoirs of the two last years of the reign of King Charles I

Memorials of the great civil war in England from 1646-52 Edited from original letters of Charles I and of numerous other eminent persons Vols.1+2

Military Memoir of Col John Birch. Governor of Hereford in the Civil War

Monk; or, the fall of the republic and the restoration of the monarchy in England, in 1660

Monk's Contemporaries Biographic Studies on the English Revolution

Notes of the treaty carried on at Ripon between King Charles I. and the Covenanters of Scotland, 1640

Oliver Cromwell. H.H the Lord Protector and the royalist insurrection against his govt of March, 1655

Oliver Cromwell and the rule of the Puritans in England

Oliver Cromwell's Letters & speeches vols.1-3

Papers relating to proceedings in the county of Kent, 1642-46

Robert Blake, admiral and general at sea

Royalist father and Roundhead son; being the memoirs of the 1st and 2nd earls of Denbigh, 1600-75

Rupert, prince Palatine

Scotland and the Commonwealth. Letters and papers relating to the military government of Scotland

Select tracts relating to the civil wars in England, in the reign of King Charles I by writers who were witnesses of the events which they describe Vols.1+2

The army lists of the Roundheads and Cavaliers, containing the names of the officers in the royal and parliamentary armies of 1642

The autobiography of Joseph Lister, of Bradford in Yorkshire, to which is added a contemporary account of the defence of Bradford and capture of Leeds by the Parliamentarians in 1642

The champions of the crown

Civil war in Hampshire (1642-45) and the story of Basing House

Civil War in Worcestershire, 1642-46, and the Scotch invasion of 1651

Covenanters in Moray and Ross

Diplomatic correspondence of Jean de Montereul and the Brothers de Bellievre vols.1+2

The 1st and 2nd battles of Newbury and the siege of Donnington Castle during the Civil War, 1643-6

Garrisons of Shropshire during the civil war, 1642-48

The great civil war of the times of Charles I and Cromwell

The history of the grand rebellion vols.1-3

The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England Begun in 1641 vols.1-6

The House of Lords during the Civil War

The Irish rebellion of 1641, with a history of the events which led up to and succeeded it

The king in exile. The wanderings of Charles II from June 1646 to July 1654

The King's general in the West. The life of Sir Richard Granville, bart., 1600-59

The last years of the Protectorate, 1656-58 vols.1+2

The memoirs of Edmund Ludlow, lieutenant-general of the horse in the army of the commonwealth of England vols.1+2

The Nicholas papers. Correspondence of Sir Edward Nicholas vol.1

Origin of the first Dutch war of the Restoration

Parliamentary generals of the great civil war

The quarrel between the Earl of Manchester and Oliver Cromwell - an episode of the English Civil War

The Royalist Composition Papers vols.1-4

The travels of the King; Charles II in Germany and Flanders, 1654-60

The whole proceedings of the siege of Drogheda and siege of Londonderry

Tracts relating to military proceedings in Lancashire during the great civil war

With Milton and the cavaliers

A letter or an epistle to all well-minded men in England, Wales, and Ireland ; in special to the Parliament and Army

Barnstaple and the Northern Part of Devonshire During the Great Civil War

Cromwell's Soldier's Catechism

Diary of the Marches of the Royal Army During the Great Civil War

History of Scots Affairs, from 1637-41 vol.3

Memorials of the Civil War. Comprising the Correspondence of the Fairfax Family vols.1+2

Military memoirs of the great civil war. Being the military memoirs of John Gwynne

he Protector; a vindication

London during the great rebellion. Being a memoir of Sir Abraham Reynardson, knt

History of Scots affairs, from 1637-41 vols.1+2

Lives of the warriors of the civil wars of France and England, Vols.1+2
Memoirs of the Most Renowned James Graham, Marquis of Montrose
Minute Book, War Committee of the Covenanters, Kirkcudbrightshire 1640-1
Montrose and Covenanters vols.1+2
Numismata Cromwelliana or, The medallic history of Oliver Cromwell, illustrated by his coins, medals, and seals
Scotland and the Protectorate. Letters and papers relating to the military government of Scotland 1654-59
The Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland
The Cromwellian union; papers relating to the negotiations for an incorporating union between England and Scotland, 1651-52
The life and campaigns of Alexander Leslie, 1st Earl of Leven 
Bellum civile - Hopton's Narrative of his Campaign in the West 1642-44

Sussex in the great Civil War and the interregnum, 1642-60
The Confederation of Kilkenny
The Diary of Sir Henry Slingsby
The narrative of General Venables
The Ulster civil war of 1641, with the history of the Irish brigade under Montrose in 1644-46