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A collection of 122 titles on Naval Warfare in the Great war in PDF format.


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1. 70,000 miles on a submarine destroyer; or, The Reid boat in the world war

2. A true account of the battle of Jutland, May 31, 1916

3. At sea with Joseph Conrad -Naval-

4. Battle of Jutland, 30th May to 1st June, 1916. Official dispatches with appendixes

5. Beatty, Jellicoe, Sims and Rodman

6. Being the Log of the U.S.S. Maui in the World War - with photographic illustrations

7. Cinderellas of the fleet

8. Diagrammatic study of the battle of Jutland


9. Five months on a German raider, being the adventures of an Englishman captured by the Wolf

10. Fleets of the world, 1915

11. From Dartmouth to the Dardanelles, a midshipman's log

12. From Heligoland to Keeling Island; one hundred days of naval war

13. German submarine activities on the Atlantic Coast of the United States and Canada


14. German white book on armed merchantmen


16. How we kept the seas

17. Indiscretions of the naval censor

18. Italian sea-power and the great war

19. Kiel and Jutland

20. Merchantmen-at arms, the British merchants' service in the War

21. More sea fights of the Great War

22. My Memoirs, by Admiral von Tirpitz

23. Naval power in the war 1914-18

24. Open boats

25. Ostend and Zeebrugge, April 23 - May 19 1918, the dispatches of Vice-Admiral Sir Roger Keyes; and other narratives of the operations

26. Photographs of H.M. vessels & auxiliaries and other objects taken from the air

27. Pushing water

28. Q-ships and their story

29. Scapa and a camera

30. Sea warfare

31. Sea-hounds

32. Some naval yarns

33. Sons of admiralty; a short history of the naval war, 1914-1918

34. The action off Heligoland, August 1914

35. The Admiralty's reports of the battle of the Bight, destruction of the German East Asiatic squadron, sinking of the Emden, and other work of the navy in the war

36. The adventures of the U-202; an actual narrative


37. The Ayesha, being the adventures of the landing squad of the Emden

38. The Battle of Jutland Bank, May 31 to June 1, 1916  the dispatches of Admiral Sir J Jellicoe and Vice-Admiral Sir D Beatty

39. The battle of Jutland, 31 May-1 June 1916

40. The battle of Jutland, by John Buchan

39. The battle of Jutland; the sowing and the reaping

40. The Battle of the Falkland Islands

41. The blocking of Zeebrugge

42. The British fleet in the great war

43. The Corsair in the war zone

44. The Crisis of the Naval War by Admiral Jellicoe

45. The Dover patrol  the Straits, Zeebrugge, Ostend  including a narrative of the operations in the spring of 1918

46. The Dover patrol 1915-1917 Vol.1

47. The Dover patrol 1915-1917 Vol.2

48. The Emden

49. The fighting at Jutland - the personal experiences of forty-five officers and men of the British Fleet

50. The fighting fleets; five months of active service with the American destroyers and their allies in the war zone

51. The Fleet annual and naval year book 1917

52. The flight of the Goeben and the Breslau, an episode in naval history

53. The German fleet

54. The German pirate; his methods and record

55. The German raid on Scarborough, Dec. 16th, 1914

56. The Grand fleet; 1914-1916; its creation, development and work

57. The Harwich naval forces; their part in the great war

58. The Jutland battle, by two who took part in it

59. The lost naval papers

60. The motor launch patrol

61. The Naval Blockade 1914-18

62. The naval front

63. The navy everywhere

64. The Navy in battle

65. The Navy in Mesopotamia, 1914 to 1917

66. The northern barrage and other mining activities

67. The silent watchers ; England's navy during the great war, what it is, and what we owe to it

68. The story of our submarines

69. The victory at sea

70. The voyage of the Deutschland (merchant submarine)

71. The World's warships (1915)

72. What happened at Jutland; the tactics of the battle

73. Wire-roping the German submarine, the barrage that stopped the U-boat

74. With Beatty in the North sea

75.  With the fleet in the Dardanelles, some impressions of naval men and incidents during the campaign in the spring of 1915

  • 76. Vagabonds of the sea; the campaign of a French cruiser
    77. Falklands, Jutland and the Bight
    78. Hush; or The hydrophone service
    79. Naval operations vol.1
    80. Naval operations vol.3
    81. Naval operations vol.4
    82. Official naval despatches. The Admiralty's reports of the battle of the Bight, destruction of the German East Asiatic squadron, sinking of the Emden, and other work of the navy in the war
    83. Submarines; the Monge--the H.3--the U.C.12--Ours - Italy
    84. The adventures of the U-202; an actual narrative
    85. The Zeebrugge affair
    86. Under the periscope
    87.Hunting the German shark; the American navy in the underseas war

    88. Your navy as a fighting machine

    89. A list of neutral ships sunk by the Germans from August 8, 1914, to April 26, 1917

    90. American ship casualties of the world war

    91. Emden my experiences in SMS Emden by Franz Joseph, Prince of Hohenzollern

    92. German sea-power

    93. Lauterbach of the China sea the escapes and adventures of a seagoing Falstaff

    94. My mystery ships by Rear-Admiral Gordon Campbell

    95. Naval heroes of today (US)

    96. Naval prospects in 1917

    97. Review Of German Cruiser Warfare, 1914 – 1918

    98. Seaborne trade vol.1

    99. Seaborne trade vol.2

    100. Seaborne trade vol.3

    101. Stories of the ships

    102. The Italian navy in the world war 1915-1918 Facts & figures

    103. The war on German submarines. Sir Edward Carson on the British navy's success

    104. To Kiel in the Hercules

    105. A history of the transport service; adventures and experiences of United States transports and cruisers in the world war

    106. Admirals of the British Navy

    107. An account of the operations of the American Navy in France during the War with Germany

108. Cruise of the Seeadler

109. Daring deeds of merchant seaman in the great war

110. Full speed ahead

111. How our navy is run; a description of life in the Kings's fleet

112. Naval power in the war (1914-1917)

113. Navy ordnance activities 1917-1918

114. Officers and enlisted men of the United States Navy who lost their lives during the world war, from April 6, 1917 to Nov11, 1918

115. The paravane adventure

116. The seafarers

117. The War in the North Sea. Vol.1 From the Beginning of the War to the First of September, 1914

118. The war record of the USS Henderson

119. War in the underseas


120. Harper's Pictorial Library of the World War, Volume 4 The War At Sea

121. The sub; being the autobiography of David Munro, sublieutenant, Royal navy

122. From Snotty to Sub