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A collection of 105 titles on various aspects of the Medieval Era with this one concentrating on the Crusades in the Holy Land.

The books are all in PDF format and come on a USB stick.

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The books are;


An Arab-Syrian Gentleman And Warrior in The Period of The Crusades. Memoirs of Usama Ibn-Munqidh

Bohemond I, Prince of Antioch

Chronicles Of The Crusades. Contemporary Narratives Of The Crusade Of Richard Cœur De Lion

Expeditions to Prussia and the Holy Land made by Henry earl of Derby (King Henry IV) in the years 1390-1 and 1392-3

Godeffroy of Boloyne; or, The siege and conqueste of Jerusalem

Heroines of the crusades

History of the crusades

In The Footsteps Of Richard Coeur De Lion

Jerusalem and the crusades

Knights and sea-kings; or, The middle ages

Letters Of The Crusaders

Memoirs of the crusades

Michaud's history of the crusades vol.1+2+3

Proctor's history of the Crusades

Richard The First And The Third Crusade

Robert Curthose, Duke of Normandy


Sketches of the Crusades

The Age Of The Crusades

The Caliph Haroun Alraschid and Saracen civilization

The Cheshire pilgrims, or Sketches of crusading life in the 13th century

The children's crusade

The crusade of MCCCLXXXIII., known as that of the Bishop of Norwich (1383)

The Crusade Of Richard I, 1189-92

The Crusaders In The East. A Brief History Of The Wars Of Islam With The Latins In Syria During The 12th And 13th Centuries

The crusades and the crusaders

The crusades, a.d. 1095-1261

The Crusades. The Story Of The Latin Kingdom Of Jerusalem

The English Crusaders; containing an account of all the English knights who formed part of the expeditions for the recovery of the Holy Land

The Fall Of Constantinople. Being The Story Of The Fourth Crusade

The First Crusade. The Accounts Of Eye-Witnesses And Participants

The fourth crusade

The Historians' History Of The World  Parthians, Sassanids And Arabs, The Crusades; The Crusades And The Papacy

The History And Literature Of The Crusades

The history of chivalry and the crusades vol.1+2

The history of the crusades, for the recovery and possession of the Holy Land vol.1+2

The Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, 1099 to 1291 A.D

The memoirs of the Lord of Joinville a new English version (1906)

The Third Crusade, Richard I., Coeur de Lion, King of England; with the affairs of Henry II. and Thomas Becket

Urban And The Crusaders

A complete guide to heraldry

A concise history of the Moors in Spain

A history of the art of war, the middle ages from the fourth to the fourteenth century vol.1

A history of the battle of Bannockburn fought A.D. 1314

A history of the Knights of Malta, or The Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem vol.1

A history of the life of Edward the Black Prince vol.1+2

A history of the life of Richard Cœur-de-Lion, king of England, Volume 1+2

A Jodrell deed and the seals of the Black Prince

A memoir of the life and conquests of Art MacMurrogh king of Leinster, from 1377 to 1417

A record of European armour and arms through seven centuries FIVE volumes

A source book for mediæval history

A treatise on ancient armour and weapons, illustrated by plates of the original armour in the tower of London

Alfred the Great

An illustrated history of arms and armour - from the earliest period to the present time

An introduction to heraldry

Ancient armour and weapons in Europe - from the iron period of the northern nations to the end of the 17th Cent.

Ancient Armour and Weapons in Europe Supplement, comprising the 15th, 16th cent

Anglo-Saxon Britain

Annals of the Caledonians, Picts, and Scots; and of Strathclyde, Cumberland, Galloway, and Murray vol.1+2

Armour and weapons

Armour in England from the earliest times to the reign of James the First

Arms and armour in antiquity and the middle ages

Attila and the Huns


Belt and spur - stories of the knights of the middle ages from the old chronicles

British and foreign arms and armour

Campaigns of Osman sultans, chiefly in Western Asia - from Bayezyd Ildirim to the death of Murad the Fourth (1389-1640)

Canute the Great 995 (circ.)-1035 and the rise of Danish imperialism during the viking age


Charles de Bourbon high constable of France - The great condottiere

Charles the great

Chronicle of the Cid

Chronicle of the conquest of Granada

Chronicle of the rebellion in Lincolnshire, 1470

Crécy And Calais

Danes, Saxons and Normans

Documents illustrative of the history of Scotland from the death of King Alexander III to the accession of Robert Bruce vol.1+2

Early wars of Wessex; being studies from England's school of arms in the West

Edward III & his wars, 1327-1360

England and the hundred years' war (1327-1485)

England under the Lancastrians

England under the Yorkists, 1460-1485; illustrated from contemporary sources

English Rule in Gascony, 1199-1295

English towns in the wars of the Roses

Europe in the middle age

Foreign armour in England

France in the Middle Ages

Genghis Khan

Genseric, king of the Vandals and the first Prussian kaiser

Ghenko, the Mongol invasion of Japan

Handbook of arms and armor European and Oriental, including the William H. Riggs collection

Handbook of mediaeval geography and history

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