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150 titles on Napoleon the man, his family, friends and closest enemies in PDF format.

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A gift of Napoleon - the letters of Capt.E.Lutyens

A life of Napoleon Bonaparte; illustrated from the collection of Napoleon engravings

A Polish Exile with Napoleon

A Selection of letters and despatches of the First Napoleon – vols.1-3

A St. Helena who's who; or, a directory of the island during the captivity of Napoleon

An appeal to the British nation on the treatment experienced by Napoleon Buonaparte in the Island of St. Helena

An appeal to the Parliament of Great Britain on the case of the Emperor Napoleon by Las Cases

An unknown son of Napoleon

Anecdotes of Napoleon Bonaparte and His Times

Bonaparte and the Consulate

Citizeness Bonaparte

Collectanea Napoleonica

Colonel Wilks and Napoleon - two conversations held at St. Helena in 1816

Confidential correspondence of the Emperor Napoleon and the Empress Josephine

Conversations with Napoleon at St. Helena

English Caricature and Satire on Napoleon

Fouche; the man Napoleon feared

Historic doubts relative to Napoleon Buonoparte

Historical and secret memoirs of the Empress Josephine Vol.1

History of Josephine

History of the captivity of Napoleon at Saint Helena vols.1+2+4 – Montholon

History of the Captivity of Napoleon at St.Helena vols.1-3 - Hudson Lowe

In the footsteps of Napoleon, his life and its famous scenes

Letters from the Count De Las Cases 

Maxims of Napoleon

Medallic history of Napoleon

Memoirs of Count de la Casas at St.Helena

Memoirs of Lucien Bonaparte – vol.1

Memoirs of the Emperor Napoleon from Ajaccio to Waterloo Vols.1-3 - Abrantes

Memoirs of the Invasion of France by the Allied armies by Napoleon

Memoirs to serve for the History of Napoleon from 1802 to 1806 – Meneval

Military career of Napoleon the Great

Napoleon - King of Elba

Napoleon a biographical study

Napoleon and his adopted son. Eugene de Beauharnais and his relations with the emperor

Napoleon and his coronation

Napoleon and his Marshals

Napoleon and Josephine; the rise of the Empire

Napoleon and King Murat

Napoleon and the End of the French Revolution

Napoleon and the fair sex

Napoleon as a general vols.1+2

Napoleon at Fontainebleau and Elba; being a journal of occurrences in 1814-1815

Napoleon at home; the daily life of the emperor at the Tuileries vol.1

Napoleon at St. Helena or, interesting anecdotes and remarkable conversation of the Emperor

Napoleon from the Tuileries to St.Helena by Louis Etienne, Mameluke

Napoleon in exile - Elba

Napoleon in exile - St.Helena – vols.1+2

Napoleon in exile,or, A voice from St.Helena by O'Meara vols.1+2

Napoleon in his own defence - letters to Lady Clavering

Napoleon in his own words

Napoleon in his time

Napoleon, a short biography

Napoleon, the last phase

Napoleon, warrior and ruler

Napoleon; the portrait of a King

Napoleon's Appeal bo the British Nation, on His Treatment at St.Helena

Napoleons brothers

Napoleon's captivity in relation to Sir Hudson Lowe

Napoleon's last voyage

Napoleon's last voyages

Napoleon's letters to Josephine 1796 – 1812

Napoleon's Men and Methods

New Letters of Napoleon I

Opinions of Napoleon I on Russia and Poland expressed at St.Helena

Private Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte - Bourrienne Vols.1+2

Recollections of the Emperor Napoleon, during the first 3 years of his captivity on the island of St. Helena

Recollections of the private life of Napoleon by Constant

Secret Memoirs of Napoleon Buonaparte - 1815

Sir Hudson Lowe and Napoleon

Talks of Napoleon at St.Helena - General Baron Gourgaud

The aphorisms of Napoleon

The Bonaparte-Patterson Marriage in 1803

The Burlesque Napoleon; the story of Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte

The Campaigns of Napoleon Bonaparte of 1796-97

The celebrated Madame Campan, lady-in-waiting to Marie Antoinette and confidante of Napoleon

The confidential correspondence of Napoleon Bonaparte with his brother Joseph Vols.1+2

The Corsican; a diary of Napoleon's life in his own words

The drama of Saint Helena

The dream of Bonaparte - a Napoleonic study

The Empress Josephine

The Exile of St. Helena

The Fall of Napoleon vols.1-3

The first Napoleon; some unpublished documents from the Bowood papers

The growth of Napoleon. A study in environment

The happy days of the Empress Marie Louise

The home and court life of the Emperor Napoleon and his family

The Life of Napoleon Buonaparte - vols.1-4  1808-10

The life of Napoleon I; including new materials from the British official records vols.1+2

The Life,Exile and Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon - vols.1-3 La Cases

The love affairs of Napoleon

The manuscript of St.Helena

The Napoleon Anecdotes Vols.1-6

The Napoleon gallery

The Private Life of Napoleon

The real martyr of St. Helena

The Second Funeral of Napoleon

The Second Usurpation of Buonaparte - vols.1+2

The Secret History of the Cabinet of Bonaparte (1810)

The secret history of the court and cabinet of St.Cloud; a series of letters from a gentleman at Paris to a nobleman in London, August-October 1805 Vols.1+2

The surrender of Napoleon - Maitland RN

The table talk and opinions of Napoleon Buonaparte

The wife of General Bonaparte

Through Europe with Napoleon

Unpublished correspondence of Napoleon Vols.1-3

With Napoleon at St.Helena by Dr J Stokoe

Marie Louise and the decadence of the empire

Marie Louise and the invasion of 1814

Marie Louise,the island of Elba,and the Hundred Days

An account of the last illness, decease, and post mortem appearances of Napoleon Bonaparte

An imperial victim Marie Louise, Archduchess of Austria, Empress of the French, Duchess of Parma vols.1+2

History of Joseph Bonaparte, king of Naples and of Italy

Life of Napoleon vols.1-4 - Jomini

Memoirs of the Last Two Years of Napoleon's Exile vols.1+2

The illness and death of Napoleon Bonaparte

The marriage ventures of Marie-Louise