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A Collection of 100 titles covering various aspects of the Napoleonic Era


They are in PDF format and are sent post-free worldwide on a USB stick


A collection of orders, regulations, and instructions, for the army 1807

Military studies by Marshal Ney

Napoleon His Army and His Generals Their Unexampled Military Career

Napoleon against Russia. The campaign of 1806-07, December to June

Napoleon and his marshals

Napoleon Bonaparte and the siege of Toulon

Napoleon in council or, The opinions delivered by Bonaparte in the Council

Napoleon the gaoler - personal experiences and adventures of British sailors and soldiers

Napoleonic Empire – Flathe

Napoleon's men and methods

Narrative of a captivity and adventures in France and Flanders between 1803-09

Narrative of a captivity in France, from 1800-14 vols.1+2

Narrative of a private soldier in His Majesty's 92d regt of foot

Narrative of the life and adventures of Giovanni Finati vols.1+2

Narrative of the Sufferings and Adventures of private Portenger - de Meuron Swiss regt.

Notes and extracts of letters referring to Mr. Pitt and Walmer Castle, 1801-1806

Observations on diarrhoea and dysentery, particularly as these diseases appeared in the British campaign of Egypt, in 1801

Observations on the documents laid before Parliament including the evidence heard at the bar on the subject of the late expedition to the Scheldt

Observations on the Walcheren Diseases, which Affected the British Soldiers

Organization of the provisional US army in the anticipated war with France 1798-1800

Overcoming the Odds A Comparison of the 9th and 10th Military Districts During the Final Campaigns of the War of 1812

Paris During the Interesting Month of July, 1815

Particulars of the Expedition to Copenhagen, with an account of the siege 1807

Personal memoirs and letters of F. Werry

Personal recollections of the Empire

Personal Recollections of the Late Duc de Broglie vol.1

Political recollections relative to Egypt ... with a narrative of the ever-memorable British campaign in the spring of 1801

Prison scenes; and narrative of escape from France, during the late war

Prisoner of France - the memoirs, diary and correspondence of Charles Boothby

Prisoners of War in France from 1804 to 1814

Recollections of an officer of Napoleon - Elzear Blaze

Recollections of Colonel de Gonneville – vols.1+2

Recollections of the revolution and the empire

Regulations for the Exercise of Riflemen and Light Infantry 1803

Regulations to be observed in the regimental hospitals of the several corps in Jamaica 1797

Reminiscences of army life under Napoleon Bonaparte – DeVillargennes

Reminiscences of General Sir Thomas Makedougall Brisbane

Rules and regulations for the infantry 1807

Russia and the Ionian islands 1798-1807

Secret correspondence connected with mr. Pitt's return to office in 1804

Sketches of the Character, Conduct and Treatment of the Prisoners of War at Auxonne, Longwy, 1810-14

Some recollection in the life of Lieut.-Col. P.P. Nevill, late major 63rd Regt

Speeches ... in communicating thanks of the House of commons to military commanders, 1807-1816

Staff college essays

Standing orders and regulations -Gibraltar 1802

Statement of the case of Lt-General de Lancey

Summary account and military character of the different European armies – 1803

Sword exercise of the cavalry 1803

Talleyrand, a biographical study

The adventures of Thomas Williams - a POW in France

The army medical officer's manual upon active service

the art of war by Baron Jomini

The Autobiography and services of Sir James McGrigor, late director-general of the Army Medical Dept

The British Army, 1783-1802

The British Battalion at Oporto - with adventures, anecdotes, and exploits form Holland and Waterloo

The British Commissary 1801

The British in Capri, 1806-1808

the campaign in Candy in 1803

The Campaign to Defend Southwest France; 1st July 1813 - 14th April 1814

The Effects of Infectious Disease on Napoleon's Russian Campaign

The Elements of War - Maltby, 1811

The Experienced Officer - instructions for young officers

The Grand Duchy of Warsaw

The historical and unrevealed memoirs of the political and private life of Napoleon Buonparte from 1781 to 1798

The history of the wonderful battle of the brig-of-war General Armstrong with a British squadron, at Fayal, 1814

The Hussar by R.Gleig

The influence of Napoleon's continental system on Russian economy 1807-11

The Island Empire; or, Scenes of the First Exile of the Emperor Napoleon

The life of General, the Right Honourable Sir David Baird vol.1

The Life of Roderick Innes, Lately of H.M. 78th Regt

The manuscripts of Fortescue vols.1+2

The Memoirs of Baron Thiebault vol.1

The Napoleonic Campaign of 1805

The Napoleonic empire in southern Italy vol.2

The negotiations for the peace of the Dardanelles, in 1808-9 vol.2

The official correspondence relative to the negotiation for peace, between Great Britain and the French republick, 1797

The Official defence of General Moreau before the tribunal at Paris

The rise of the Dutch kingdom 1795-1813

The Soldier's Friend – 1798

The tactic of the British army - evolutions of the battalion,brigade and line 1804

The Trial of Major Campbell 21st Regt. June 1807

The uprising of June 20, 1792

The Veterans of Chelsea Hospital – vols.1-3

Travels in the year 1806 - From Italy to England

Twelve years military adventure - 1802-14 vols.1+2

Two Invasions of France - 1792 + 1795

Wellington's campaigns in India

With the 32nd in the Peninsular and other campaigns

A Narrative of the Events which Followed Bonaparte's Campaign in Russia

An historical survey of the foreign affairs of Great Britain 1808-10

Military memoir of the late Lt General Sir John McLeod RA

Military memoirs of four brothers - Fernyhough

Correspondence and Treaties with Foreign Powers, 1812-1813