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A Collection of 100 titles covering various aspects of the Napoleonic Era


They are in PDF format and are sent post-free worldwide on a USB stick


A Biographical Memoir of His Late Royal Highness Frederick, Duke of York and Albany

A description of Denmark, and a narrative of the siege 1807

A detailed account of the battle of Austerlitz by Gen.Stutterheim

A journal kept in France, during a captivity of more than nine years

A List of the Officers of His Majesty's Royal Marine Forces Jan 1803

A list of the officers of the militia of the United Kingdom. 1st August, 1809

A manual for volunteer corps of cavalry 1803

A military field assistant to the 18 movements of exercise 1798

A Narrative of Military Transactions in the Mediterranean, 1805-1810

A narrative of the operations of a small British force - Montevideo 1807

A picture of Verdun - or the English detained in France vols.1+2

A practical guide for the light infantry officer – 1806

A Short Narrative of the Late Campaign of the British Army Under the Orders of the Right Honourable the Earl of Chatham

A short view of the life and character of Lieutenant-General Villettes

A sister of Marie Antoinette; the life story of Maria Carolina, Queen of Naples

A sketch of the events which preceded the capture of Washington, by the British, 24th Aug, 1814

A sketch of the military and political power of Russia 1817

A sketch of the present state of France, by an English gentleman – 1805

A Soldier's Recollections of the West Indies and America-with a narrative of the expedition to the island of Walcheren – vols.1+2

A Story about riflemen and rifles - Tyroler 1809

A treatise on military finance 1798

A treatise on the Congreve rocket system

A treatise on the discipline of light cavalry 1796

A Treatise on the Science of Defence- for the sword,bayonet and pike in close action – 1805

A Treatise Upon the Duties of Light Troops - Ehwald 1803

A Youthful Man o warsman

Account of the Conquest of Mauritius

Achievements of Cavalry

Adventures and recollections of Colonel Landmann vol.2

Adventures of a French Serjeant

An Account of the operations of the Corp under the Duke of Brunswick 1809

An account of the transactions of his Majesty's mission to Persia 1807-11 vols.1+2

An enquiry into the present state of the military force of the British empire – 1804

An Exposition of the Conduct of France Towards America

Authentic memoirs of General Bennigsen 1805-07

Autobiography of John Mackellow - 10th Light Dragoons

Bibliography of Napoleon. A systematic collection critically selected

Bonaparte and Moreau. A comparison of their political and military lives

British Cavalry Drill Regulations 1801

British minor expeditions 1746 to 1814

Captain Gronow's Last Recollections

Cavalry Outpost Duties

Cavalry versus infantry

Computations of the Pay of a Regiment of infantry in the Med.1806

Conversations with Napoleon at St. Helena - Capt. Meynell RN

Diary of Colonel Bayly 12th regt

English prisoners in France

Escape from France

Fall and death of Joachim Murat, King of Naples; and the capitulation of Paris, 1815.

Finland's union with the Russian Empire

France and Italy in 1814-16 (Murat)

From Boulogne to Austerlitz - Napoleons campaign of 1805

General Lazare Hoche 1793-97

General Observations Upon the Probable Effects of Any Measures which Have for Their Object the Increase of the Regular Army

General order a relaxation of discipline and of vigilance being frequently suffered to prevail among troops while on a march (1814)

General regulations and instructions for the Wiltshire Yeomanry 1798

General regulations and orders relative to the duties in the field and in cantonments, (1798)

Hanover and Prussia 1795-1803 - a study in neutrality

Historical summary of the events which placed Joseph Napoleon on the throne of Spain

History of the Late Expedition to Egypt under Lt.Gen.Abercrombie

Important official documents relative to Walcheren

Instructions for forming a regiment of infantry for parade of exercise,1799

Instructions for Hussars

Instructions for officers and non-commissioned officers of cavalry

Instructions for the armed yeomanry – 1798

Instructions relative to the baggage and marches of the Army (1798)

Intercepted letters - letters intercepted on board the Admiral Aplin

Journal of an expedition to the Molucca Islands under the command of Admiral Rainier

Letter to earl Grey (occasioned by the blockade of the ports of Norway 1814)

Letters of an officer of the Corps of royal engineers 1813-16 (Sperling)

Letters Written on Board HMS Northumberland and at St.Helena – Warden

Life and Adventures of Count Beugnot,Minister under Napoleon – vols.1+2

Life of Fouche

Light Company Soldier 41 regt

Lincoln at bay, a sketch of 1814 – Canada


Lt General Sir Ralph Abercromby 1793-1801

Marie Louise, the island of Elba and the hundred days

Marshal Ney. Report of the trial for high treason and attempts against the safety of the state, of Michel Ney

Medals of the British Army

Memoir of a Campaign with the Ottoman Army

Memoir of General Graham

Memoir of General Lord Lynedoch

Memoir of the life of lt-colonel Vassall

Memoir of the operations of the army of the Danube, under the command of Jourdan

Memoir of the Queen of Etruria, Written by Herself

Memoirs of an Aristocrat and Reminiscences of the Emperor Napoleon - HMS Bellerophon

Memoirs of Baron Lejeune – vols.1+2

Memoirs of General Pepe Vols.1+2

Memoirs of the Court of Westphalia under Jerome Bonaparte

Memoirs on the Generals Pichegru and Moreau

Memorandums of artillery arrangements-Egypt 1801

Memories and services of the late Lt-General Ellis Royal Marines

Military History Applied to Modern Warfare