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96 titles on Napoleonic Naval Warfare, mostly from the British viewpoint

The books are all in PDF format and come on a USB stick.

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The books are;

A mariner of England; The career of William Richardson from cabin boy in merchant service to warrant officer in the Royal Navy 1780-1819

A master mariner. Being the life and adventures of Captain Robert William Eastwick

A memoir of the late Captain Peter Heywood, R.N.

A memoir of William Wolseley, admiral of the Red Squadron

A Narrative of the Battle of St. Vincent With Anecdotes of Nelson

A Narrative of the Expedition to Algiers in 1816

A narrative of the proceedings of the British fleet commanded by admiral sir J Jarvis

A naval biographical dictionary comprising the life and services of every living officer in Her Majesty's navy

A naval career during the old war being a narrative of the life of Admiral John Markham

A Practicable Plan for Manning the Royal Navy, and Preserving Our Maritime Ascendancy, Without Impressment

A sailor of King George - the journals of Captain Frederick Hoffman, R. N. 1793-1814

A selection from the public and private correspondence of Vice Admiral Lord Collingwood

A short history of HMS Victory

A Voyage to Cadiz and Gibraltar, Up the Mediterranean to Sicily vols.1+2

A voyage to St. Petersburg in 1814, with remarks on the imperial Russian navy

A Voyage Up the Mediterranean in His Majesty's ship HMS Swiftsure

A Youthful Man o warsman

Admiral Broke

Admiral Duncan

Admiral of the fleet, Sir Provo W. P. Wallis

An Authentic Narrative of the Proceedings of His Majesty's Squadron Under Admiral Saumarez

Battles of the British navy vols.1+2

Captain Foote's vindication of his conduct when captain of HMS Sea-horse in the bay of Naples 1799

Case of John Soren, proprietor of the ship Enterprize

Correspondence of Admiral Markham 1801-07

Diary of Commodore Preble before Tripoli 1804

Dispatches and letters relating to the blockade of Brest 1803-05 Vols.1+2

Documentary history of the armed neutralities, 1780 and 1800


Essay on Naval Discipline

Fighting Instructions (Royal Navy) 1530 to 1816

High Court of the Admiralty vols.1+2+5+6

Historical memoirs of Admiral Charles Stirling

Historical record of the Royal marine forces – vols.1+2

History of the mutiny at Spithead and the Nore with an enquiry into its origin and treatment

History of the Post office Packet Service 1793-1815

Horatio Nelson and the Naval Supremacy of England

Humorous art - pictorial notes on the social aspects of life in the Royal Navy

index to James' Naval History

Instructions for privateers - Denmark 1810

Jane Austen's sailor brothers

Journal of an expedition to the Molucca Islands under the command of Admiral Rainier

Journal of Rear-Admiral Bartholomew James, 1752-1828

King's cutters and smugglers, 1700-1855

Letters and papers of Admiral Martin Vols.1-3

Letters of Admiral of the fleet, the Earl of St. Vincent, whilst the first lord of the admiralty, 1801-04

Letters written on board the Northumberland, and at St. Helena

Life and correspondence of Admiral Sir W.Sidney Smith Vol.2

Lives of the British admirals vol.3

Lives of the British admirals vol.8

Lives of Vice-Admiral Sir Charles V Penrose, K.C.B. and Captain J Trevenen, knight of the Russian orders of St. George and St. Vladimir

Logs of the great sea fights,1794-1805 Vols.1+2

Lord Hood and the Defence of Toulon

Medals of the British Navy and how They Were Won

Memoir of rear-admiral sir Michael Seymour, bart., K.C.B.

Memoir of the Life and Services of Admiral Sir William Hargood

Memoir of the Life and Services of Vice Admiral Sir Jahleel Brenton

Memoir of the Life of Admiral Sir Edward Codrington vol.1

Memoir of the Naval Life and Services of Admiral Sir Philip Durham

Memoirs and Correspondence of Admiral Lord De Saumarez – vols.1+2

Memoirs and letters of Capt.Sir William Hoste RN vols.1+2

Memoirs of Admiral Sir Sidney Smith Vols.1+2

Memorials personal and historical of Admiral Lord Gambier vols.1+2

Minutes of a Court Martial Holden on Board His Majesty's Ship Gladiator - Admiral of the Blue Gambier 1809

Minutes of the proceedings at a court martial assembled for the trial of Anthony James Pye Molloy, Esq., captain of His Majesty's ship Caesar

Narrative of the Battle of St.Vincent

Narrative of the expedition to the Baltic 1807

Narratives of Shipwrecks of the Royal Navy

Nautical Economy; or forecastle recollections of events during the last war by Jack Nastyface

Naval Documents related to the Quasi-War between the United States and France vols.1-7

Naval Documents related to the United States Wars with the Barbary Powers vols.1-6

Napoleonic Naval Warfare vol.1