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99 titles on Napoleonic Naval Warfare, mostly from the British viewpoint

The books are all in PDF format and come on a USB stick.

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The books are;

Naval history of Great Britain Vols.1-6

Naval history. War with Tripoli, 1801-05

Naval papers respecting Copenhagen, Portugal, and the Dardanelles, presented to parliament in 1808

Naval wars in the Baltic during the sailing-ship epoch, 1522-1850

Nelson and the Neapolitan Jacobins

Nelson in England - a domestic chronicle

Nelson in Naples a journal for June 10-30, 1799; refuting recent misstatements of Captain Mahan and Professor J.K. Laughton

Nelson; the dispatches and letters Vols.1-7

Nelsonian Reminiscences

Nelson's friendships vols.1+2

Nelson's Hardy, his life, letters and friends

Nelson's last diary; Sept.13 - Oct.21, 1805

Our Naval War with France; the US against France

Pages and portraits from the past, the private papers of Sir William Hotham vols.1+2

Personal narrative of events, from 1799 to 1815 - Adm Stanhope Lovell

Private papers of George, 2nd Earl Spencer, 1st Lord of the Admiralty,1794-1801 Vols.1+2

Proceedings of the Court Martial, held on the officers and crew of HMS Java 23.April 1813

Recollections of J.A.Gardner,Commander RN 1775-1814

Register of Officer Personnel United States Navy and Marine Corps and Ships’ Data

Reminiscences of a naval officer during the Late war - Capt.Crawford vols.1+2

Royal naval biography - supplement parts 1-4

Royal naval biography vols.1-8

Sea life in Nelson's time

Service afloat - the personal narrative of a British naval officer

Shore wives - the lives of British Naval Officers wives and widows

Signals and instructions 1776-94

Telegraphic signals; or Marine vocabulary

The autobiography of a seaman - Lord Cochrane

The autobiography of a seaman vols.1+2 Lord Dundonald

the battle of Copenhagen

The British trident; or, Register of naval actions vols.3-6

The campaign of Trafalgar, Vols.1+2

The controversy over neutral rights between the United States and France, 1797-1800

The first cruise of the US frigate Essex

The history of the British navy vol.2 – Yonge

The influence of sea power on the French revolution and Empire – vols.1+2

The letters of Lord Nelson to Lady Hamilton Vols.1+2

The letters of Lord St.Vincent

The life and correspondence of admiral sir Charles Napier vol.1

The life and correspondence of Admiral Sir William Sidney Smith Vol.1

The life and services of Captain Philip Beaver, late of His Majesty's ship Nisus

The life of Admiral Lord Nelson, from his Lordships manuscripts

The life of Admiral Viscount Exmouth - Edward Pellew

The life of brigadier-general Sir Samuel Bentham

The Life of Nelson Vols.1+2 – Mahan

The life of Richard, earl Howe, K.G.admiral of the fleet

The Marine officer - sketches of service vols.1+2

The naval biography of Great Britain vols.1+3+4

The naval chronology of Great Britain vols.1+3

The naval gazetteer, biographer and chronologist

The naval mutinies of 1797

The naval officer; or Scenes and adventures in the life of Frank Mildmay vols.1-3

The Navy list 1814-16

The Nelson touch, being a little book of the great seaman's wisdom

The public and private correspondance of vice-admiral Lord collingwood vols.1+2

A biographical memoir of the late Sir Peter Parker, baronet, captain of His Majesty's ship Menelaus, of 38 guns

A concise and accurate account of the proceedings of the squadron under Admiral Sir Sydney Smith Sept. 1807

A full and correct report of the trial of Sir Home Popham

Napoleonic Naval Warfare vol.2