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100 titles dealing with the Peninsular War in Spain and Portugal 1808-14.
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The books are;


A boy in the Peninsular war; Robert Blakeney, subaltern in the 28th Regt.

A British Rifle Man - Major George Simmons

A Few Remarks Explanatory of the Motives which guided the British army in Spain 1809

A history of the Peninsular War - Vols.1-7 Oman

A Journal of the Campaign in Portugal and Spain 1809-12

A memoir of the services of Lieutenant-General Sir Samuel Ford Whittingham, colonel of the 71st Highland light infantry

A Narrative of the Campaign of the British army on spain – Moore

A narrative of the campaign, which preceded the convention of Cintra, in Portugal

A Narrative of the Campaigns of the Loyal Lusitanian Legion

A narrative of the Peninsular war by Sir Andrew Leith Hay

A Reply to the Misrepresentations and Aspersions on the military reputation of Gen.R.B.Long

A second letter to Charles Edward Long, on the ms. journal and private correspondence of the late Lieut-Gen. R. B. Long

A series of maps illustrative of the campaigns in the Peninsula

A Short Description of Badajoz and the Surrounding Country


Account of the War in Spain and Portugal vols.1+2

Adventures in the Rifle Brigade

Adventures of a Young Rifleman in the French and English armies 1806-16

Adventures with the Connaught Rangers, 1809-14

American Grain Trade to the Spanish Peninsula, 1810-1814

An account of the British Campaign in 1809, under Sir A. Wellesley, in Portugal and Spain

An account of the operations of the British army, and of the state and sentiments of the people of Portugal and Spain vols.1+2

An account of the squadron under Rear Admiral Sir Sydney Smith - rescue of Portuguese Royal family Nov.1809

Annals of the Peninsular Campaigns – vols.1-3

Autobiography of Sgt.William Lawrence

Campaign of the Left Wing of the Allied Army, in the Western Pyrenees and South of France, in the Years 1813-14

Campaigns of the British Army in Portugal, under the command of general the Earl of Wellington

Capt. Synge's experiences at Salamanca - 10th Hussars

Correspondence relative to the maintenance of an army in Portugal, 1810

Don Esteban or, Memoirs of a Spaniard vols.1+2

English battles and sieges in the peninsula (Napier)

From Valmy to Waterloo Extracts from the diary of Capt. Charles Francois

General Crauford and his Light Division

General Orders in Spain and Portugal vols.1-4

General Regulations and Orders for the Army 1811

Godoy, Master of Spain

Hamilton's campaign with Moore and Wellington during the Peninsular war (43rd Light Infantry)

Historical, military, and picturesque observations on Portugal vols.1+2

History of the campaigns of the British forces in Spain and Portugal vols.1-5

History of the Kings German legion - Beamish Vols.1+2

History of the Peninsular War vols.1-3 – Southey

History of the War in Spain and Portugal from 1807-14 – Gen.Sarrazin

History of the war in the Peninsula and in the south of France 1807-14 vols.1-6  Napier

History of the War in the Peninsula under Napoleon Vols.1+2 – Foy

In the Kings German Legion - memoirs of Baron Ompteda

Journal of a Regimental Officer During the recent campaign in Portugal and Spain 1810

Journal of a soldier of the 71st, or Glasgow regiment Highland Light Infantry, from 1806 to 1815

Journal of an Officer in the Commissariat of the Army

Journals of Sieges Carried out under Wellington vols.1-3 – Col. Jones

Leaves from the diary of an officer of the Guards – Cowell

Lectures upon the British campaigns in the Peninsula

Letter from sir Robert Wilson to his constituents, in refutation of a charge

Letters from Portugal and Spain (to Corunna)

Letters from Portugal and Spain 1809

Letters from Portugal, Spain, and France, written during the campaigns of 1812-14, to a friend in England

Letters from Portugal, Spain, Sicily, and Malta in 1812, 1813, and 1814

Letters from the Peninsula 1808-1812 – Lt.Gen.Warre

Letters written during the peninsular and Waterloo campaigns

Marches, movements, and operations of the 4th division of the allied army, in Spain and Portugal 1810-12

Memoir of Charles Gordon Lennox

memoir of the early campaigns of Wellington in Portugal and Spain - by an officer

Memoir Written by Sir H Dalrymple - Gibraltar and Spain

Memoirs and Correspondence of Viscount Combermere - Stapleton Cotton Vol.1

Memoirs of a sergeant 43rd Light infantry Regt.

Memoirs of an assistant commissary-general - Sir George Head

Memoirs of British Generals distinguished during the peninsular war Vols.1+2

Memoirs of the late Sir James Leith

Memoirs of the late war comprising the personal narrative of Capt Cooke vols.1+2



Peninsular War Collection vol.1