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110 titles dealing with the war in Spain and Portugal 1808-14

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The books are;


A Narrative of the Principal Events of the campaigns of 1809-11

A Treatise on the Defence of Portugal 1811

Camp and quarters -scenes and impressions of military life vols.1+2

Correspondence of Col. Wade, Col. Napier, Major-Gen. Hardinge on Albuera

Events of a Military Life - Surgeon Henry

Historical summary of the events which placed Joseph Napoleon on the throne of Spain

Duke of Wellington and the supply system during the Peninsula War

History of the Royal Regiment of Artillery – vol.2

Journal of an army surgeon during the Peninsular war (Boutflower)

Journal of an officer in the King's German legion

Letters and Journals of Field marshal Sir William Gomm, 1799 -1815

Letters of Colonel Sir Augustus Frazer - Royal Horse Artillery

Life of Thomas Graham, Lord Lynedoch

Memoir of field marshal Sir Hew Dalrymple Ross, RHA

Memoirs and correspondence of Richard, Marquess Wellesley Vol.3

Memoirs of Baron de Kolli - secret mission to free Ferdinand VII in 1810

Memoirs of Lt.Gen Sir Thomas Picton vols.1+2

Memoirs of the late major-gen. le Marchant

Memoirs of the War in Spain from 1808 to 1814 - Suchet Vols.1+2

Memoirs of the war of the French in Spain – Rocca

Memoranda Relative to the Lines Thrown Up to cover Lisbon in 1810

Military journal of Colonel Leslie 1807-32

Military memoirs of an infantry officer 1809-16

Military memoirs of the duke of Wellington - Sherer vol.1

Minutes of the proceedings of the Court of Inquiry upon the Treaty of Cintra

Narrative of a Secret Mission to the Danish islands in 1808

Narrative of the Campaigns of the 28th Regiment from 1802

Narrative of the peninsular war, from 1808 to 1813

Narrative of the siege of Zaragoza

Notes on the campaign of 1808-09 in the north of Spain – Sorell

Operations of the British Army in Spain

Papers on subjects connected with the duties of the Royal Engineers

Passages in the early military life of General Sir George T. Napier, K. C. B.

Peninsular sketches vols.1+2

Personal Narrative of Adventures in the Peninsula during the war 1812-13

Random shots from a rifleman – Kincaid

Recollections of a Peninsular veteran – Lt.Col.Anderson

Recollections of My Military Life - Landmann vol.2

Recollections of Sir George L'Estrange, 31st Regt and Scots fusilier guards

Recollections of the Eventful Life of a soldier - Sgt. of the 94th Scots brigade

Recollections of the Peninsula - Moyle Sherer

Relation of the siege of Tarragona and the storming and capture of that place

Reminiscences of My Military Life 1795-1818 – Col. Steevens 20th Regt.

Rough notes by an old soldier, during fifty years' service from Ensign to Major-General

Rough Sketches of the Life of an Old Soldier – Lt-Col. Leach

Seven years campaigning in the Peninsula - Henegan Vols.1+2

Sketch of the field service of the Rifle brigade

Story of the Peninsular War

Strictures on Certain Passages of Napier's history of the Peninsular war – Beresford

The adventures of a soldier - Memoirs of Edward Costello

The Adventures of Captain John Patterson - 50th Regt.

The autobiography and services of Sir James McGrigor, bart., late director-general of the Army Medical Department

The Autobiography of Lt-Gen. Sir Harry Smith

The British Army under Wellington, 1813-14 a summary


The Diary of a Cavalry Officer in the Peninsular and Waterloo campaigns

The Diary of a private soldier in the Peninsular war

The Diary of Sir John Moore Vols.1+2

The Dickson Manuscripts

The eventful life of a soldier, during the late war in Portugal, Spain


The French Invasions of Portugal 1807-1811, rebellion, reaction and resistance

The life of a regimental officer during the great war, 1793-1815 – Col. Samuel Rice, 51st Regt

The life of General Sir Howard Douglas

The life of General, the Right Honourable Sir David Baird vol.2

The Life of Lord Hill GCB - Daddy Hill

The life of Thomas Reynolds, esq

The Light Dragoon – Gleig

The military adventures of Charles O'Neil, who was a soldier in the army of Lord Wellington 1811-15

The Military Exploits of Don Juan Martin Diez - the Impecinado

The military memoirs of an infantry officer, 1809-16 - J.A. HOPE

The Peninsular war - some observations on the general orders of Wellington

The Peninsular War

The Present State of Portugal and of the Portuguese army – 1812

The principles of war, exhibited in the practice of the camp – Wellington

The private journal of Judge-Advocate Larpent

The proceedings upon the inquiry relative to the armistice and convention, made and concluded in Portugal, August 1808

The retreat to Corunna

The Services of the Royal Regiment of Artillery in the Peninsular war

The soldiers whom Wellington led; deeds of daring, chivalry, and renown

The Spanish campaign of Sir John Moore - promotion exam

The story of a Peninsular veteran - 43rd Light Infantry

The subaltern (Gleig)

The subaltern officer By George Wood (Capt.)

The vicissitudes of a soldiers life – 1806-15

The victories of the British armies vols.1+2

The War in the Peninsula 1808-14

The War in the Peninsula and Wellington's campaigns in France and Belgium

Travels in the south of Spain 1809-10

Travels through Portugal and Spain, during the Peninsular War

Trifles from My Portfolio - Military surgeon vols.1+2

Twelve Years Military Adventure - 1802-1814 Vol.2

Views in Spain and Portugal taking during the campaigns of his grace the Duke of Wellington

Wellington's army, 1809-14

Wellington's campaigns, Peninsula-Waterloo, 1808-15; also Moore's campaign of Corunna, for military students vols.1-3

Wellington's Lieutenants

Wellington's men, some soldier autobiographies

Wellington's operations in the Peninsula (1808-1814) vols.1-2

Wellington's two front war - The Peninsular Campaigns 1808-14



Peninsular War Collection vol.2