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150 books + 560 maps covering the Pike and Shot Era of 1500 to 1699

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Brief history of the Pequot war

History of the Siege of Londonderry and Defense of Enniskillen 1688-89

Journal of the Brest expedition 1694

Narrative of the Indian and civil wars in Virginia, 1675-76

Short history of standing armies in England

Maj. Gen. Sir Thomas Morgan's progress in France and Flanders 1657-58

Adventures of Roger L'Estrange, captain in the Florida army, of his excellency Marquis Hernando de Soto

Early news-sheet. Russian invasion of Poland 1563

English expedition to America 1527

Anglo-Dutch rivalry during the 1st half of the 17th century

Beaumont papers

Cambridge modern history - 30 years war

Captain William Kidd, and pirates or buccaneers who ravaged the seas

Certificate of musters in Somerset 1569

Charles de Bourbon, high constable of France - The great condottiere

Derry and Enniskillen 1689

Civil wars and monarchy in France in the 16th +17th centuries

Discourses of the Navy, 1638, 1659 and 1600

Drake and the Tudor navy, the rise of England as a maritime power vols.1+2

Elizabethan sea-dogs; Drake and his companions

Elizabethan Ulster

England in the Mediterranean; British power within the Straits, vol.1

England's first great war minister – Wolsey

English intercourse with Siam in the 17th century

English intervention in the Northern War 1657-60

Francis I, and his times

Francis I

French Wars of Religion

Grahame of Claverhouse, Viscount Dundee

Gustavus Adolphus in Germany, Lectures on the 30 Years' War

Gustavus Adolphus Vols.1+2

Gustavus Vasa, king of Sweden

Mary, queen of Scots

The British standing army 1660-1700

The Pequot war; contemporary accounts of Mason, Underhill, Vincent and Gardener

The rebellions in Scotland, under the Viscount of Dundee, and the Earl of Mar, in 1689 and 1715

The Scottish expedition to Norway in 1612

History of the Thirty Years' War vols.1+2

James II and the Duke of Berwick

Kett's rebellion in Norfolk 1549

King Philip's war

Letter from George Fleetwood to his father, an account of the battle of Lutzen and death of Gustavus Adolphus

Letters and dispatches from Sir Henry Wotton to James I 1617-20

Letters and Other Documents Illustrating the Relations Between England and Germany at the Commencement of the 30 Years War

Letters and papers relating to the first Dutch war, 1652-54 vols.1-6

Letters and papers relating to the war with France, 1512-13

Life and times of General Sir Edward Cecil, viscount Wimbledon, colonel of an English regt in the Dutch service, 1605-31 vols.1+2

Life of Sir Walter Raleigh

Life of Wallenstein

Lives of the Warriors of the Thirty Years' War part 1

Lives of the warriors who have commanded fleets and armies before the enemy. Warriors of the 17th century vols.1-4

Memoirs and adventures of sir John Hepburn

Memoirs of Sir Andrew Melvill

Memoirs of the Lord Viscount Dundee and the Highland clans

The naval worthies of Queen Elizabeth's reign

The war carried on in Scotland and Ireland - Maj-Gen. H MacKay

Mercurius politicus. the summe of all intelligence, with the affairs, and designs now on foot, in the three nations of England, Ireland, and Scotland. May 13-20, 1652

Military discipline or, The young artillery man 1635

Narratives illustrative of the contests in Ireland in 1641 and 1690

Narratives of the insurrections, 1675-1690 - North America

Pacata Hibernia or, A history of the wars in Ireland during the reign of Queen Elizabeth vols.1+2

Papers illustrating the history of the Scots brigade in the service of the United Netherlands, 1572-1782 vol.1

Papers relating to the Navy during Spanish war 1585-87

Passages from the diary of General Patrick Gordon of Auchleuchries 1635-99

Pizarro or, The discovery and conquest of Peru

Record of the Relations between Siam and Foreign Countries in the 17th Century. Vol.1

Revolutionary Ireland and its settlement

Rupert of the Rhine

Letters and Papers of Patrick Ruthven, Earl of Forth + Brentford, and of His Family 1615-62

Sea-wolves of the Mediterranean; the Moslem corsairs

Siege of the Castle of Edinburgh 1689

Sir Francis Drake's memorable service done against the Spaniards in 1587

State papers relating to the defeat of the Spanish armada 1588 vols.1+2

Tangier - 1680 diary of Sir James Halkett

Art of war in Italy, 1494-1529

Autobiography of Phineas Pett

Battle of Flodden and the raids of 1513

Battle of Flodden fought 9 Sept. 1513

Battle of the Boyne, with an account based on French and other unpublished records of the war in Ireland

Battle-fields of Germany from the outbreak of the 30 Years' War to the Battle of Blenheim

Battle-fields of Ireland, from 1688-91

Broken sword of Ulster

Chronicles of an old campaigner, M. de la Colonie, 1692-1717

Conquest of the river Plate 1535-55

Coronado expedition, 1540-42

Description of Ireland in 1598

Earl of Hertford's Expedition Against Scotland 1544

English Restoration and Louis XIV. From Peace of Westphalia to Peace of Nimwegen

Expedition of Pedro de Ursua & Lope de Aguirre in search of El Dorado and Omagua in 1560-61

Fate and fortunes of Hugh O'Neill, earl of Tyrone, and Rory O'Donel, earl of Tyrconnel

Fighting Veres. Lives of Sir Francis Vere, General of the Queen's Forces in the Low Countries

The first two Stuarts and the Puritan Revolution, 1603-60

French wars of religion

History of King Philip's war; expeditions against the French and Indians in the eastern parts of New-England, in the years 1689, 1693

History of the campagnes 1548-49

History of the civil wars of France

History of the great Indian war of 1675-76, called Philip's War; also the old French and Indian Wars, from 1689 to 1704

The Last Campagne in the Spanish Netherlands. 1693

The life of Leonard Torstenson – Chief of the Swedish Artillery

The 30 years' war in Germany - Schiller

The troubles in Scotland 1624-45 vols.1+2

House of Austria in the 30 years' war

Huguenots and Henry of Navarre vols.1+2

Jacobite war in Ireland 1688-91

Journal of Joachim Hane

Journey of Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca and His Companions from Florida to the Pacific, 1528-36

Knights of st. John. with The battle of Lepanto and Siege of Vienna

Last fight of the Revenge

Life and death of John of Barneveld, advocate of Holland vols.1+2

Life and times of Aodh O'Neill, prince of Ulster. called by the English, Hugh, earl of Tyrone

Life of George Villiers, duke of Buckingham vols.1-3

Life, voyages, and exploits of Admiral Sir Francis Drake

Narrative of Alvar Nunez Cabeça de Vaca

Naval tracts of Sir William Monson vols.1-5

The old Scots navy from 1689 to 1710

Origin of the first Dutch war of the Restoration

Pentland Rising & Rullion Green 1666

The relation of Sydnam Poyntz, 1624-36

The Scots army, 1661-88 

Sieges of Vienna by the Turks

The story of Bacon's rebellion

Swedish revolution under Gustavus Vasa

30 years' war, 1618-48

30 years' war

Voyage to Cadiz in 1625. a journal by John Glanville, secretary to the lord admiral of the fleet


Two chapters of Irish history

William the Silent, prince of Orange, 1533-84


Pike and Shot Era 1500 - 1699