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150 titles on the Revolutionary and Consular Era  in PDF format.

Also includes more than 30 books on the Irish rebellion of 1798


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A Collection of State Papers Relative to the war against France - vols.1-11 


A Concise Narrative of All the Actions, in which the British Forces Were Engaged – 1797

A history of the campaigns of General Pichegru 1794-95

A History of the Commencement, Progress, and Termination of the Late War Between Great Britain and France 1793-1801 vol.2

A journal of a detachment from the Brigade of Guards- Feb 1793 - May 1795

A Journal of the Forces which Sailed from the Downs April 1800 ( for Egypt)

A Narrative of the Campaign in North Holland, 1799

A narrative of the expedition to Holland in the autumn of 1799

A residence in France, during the years 1792-95 described in a series of letters from an English lady

A Short History of the Naval and Military Operations in Egypt from 1798 to 1802

A Sketch of Suwarow and His Last Campaign

A Tour Through the Theatre of War in the Months of Nov and Dec, 1792, and Jan, 1793

A treatise of military finance – 1796

Adventures in wars of the Republic and Consulate

An accurate and impartial narrative of the war by an Officer of the Guards vols.1+2

An enquiry into the nature and causes of the great mortality among the troops at St.Domingo – 1798

An excursion in France, and other parts of the continent of Europe; from cessation of hostilities in l80l, to the 13th Dec 1803.

An historical account of the Black empire of Hayti

An historical sketch of the civil war in the Vendee

An impartial journal of a detachment from the Brigade of Foot Guards  25th Feb, 1793, to 9th May, 1795

An Irish Peer on the Continent 1801-1803

Anecdotes of the years 1792-95 by Mrs Harcourt

Authentic copies of the instructions given by general Hoche to colonel Tate 1797

Biographical memoirs of the French Revolution vols.1+2

Bulletins and Other State Intelligence of 1794

Bulletins and Other State Intelligence of 1795

Bulletins and Other State Intelligence of 1798

Bulletins and Other State Intelligence of 1803

Campaigns of the French revolution vols.1-5

Englishmen in the French Revolution

French Revolution and the Rise of Napoleon

French revolutionary generals

Historical survey of St.Domingo – 1797

History of the French revolution vols.1-4 – Sybel

History of the French revolution Vols.1-4 - Thiers

History of the Girondists; personal memoirs of the patriots of the French Revolution vols.1-3

Journal of the late campaign in Egypt

Lt-General Sir Ralph Abercromby, K.B., 1793-1801; a memoir

Marengo or The campaign of Italy, by the army of reserve,

Medical sketches of the expedition to Egypt from India

Memoirs of General Dumourier 1794

Memoirs of the Comte Roger de Damas 1787-1806

Memoirs of the Count de Cartrie; the life of a French royalist during the war in La vendée and of his flight to Southampton

Memoirs of the Marchioness de Larochejaquelein - Vendee war

Military character of the different European armies

Military reflections on the attack and defence of the city of London 1795

Napoleon and the end of the French revolution

Napoleon's campaign in Italy 1796, 1797 and 1800

Narrative sketches of the Conquest of the Mysore effected by the British Troops and their allies, in the capture of Seringapatam, and the death of Tippoo Sultaun, May 4, 1799

Observations on the expedition of General Buonaparte to the East

Official papers, relative to the preliminaries of London and the treaty of Amiens

Operations of a Detachment to Candy, Ceylon in 1804

Papers relative to the discussion with Spain in 1802-04

Papers relative to the state of defence of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 1794

Peace-republicans' Manual - the French constitution of 1793

Political Recollections Relative to Egypt in 1801

Prison journals during the French revolution

Recollections of republican France, from 1790 to 1801

Role of the British foreign policy in the first and second coalition, 1792-99

Some Details Concerning General Moreau, his last moments


The campaign in Holland, 1799, by a subaltern

The campaign of Marengo, 1800

The causes of the War of 1792

The diary of a citizen of Paris during the terror vols.1+2

The Fishguard Invasion by the French in 1797

The French army before Napoleon

The French Revolution – Belloc

The French revolution – Mallet

The French Revolution and Napoleon

The history of France from the year 1790 to the peace concluded at Amiens in 1802 vols.1+2

The History of the Invasion of Switzerland by the French

The journal of a British chaplain in Paris during the peace negotiations of 1801-2

The journal of a spy in Paris during the Reign of Terror, January-July, 1794

The journals and correspondence of General Sir Harry Calvert, adjutant-general of the forces under the Duke of York

The life of General Dumouriez vols.1-3

The Real French Revolutionist

The tragedy of an army; La Vendee in 1793

The trial of Edward Marcus Despard, Esquire For high treason 1803

The trial of John Peltier for a libel against Napoleon Bonaparte 1803

The War Speeches of William Pitt the Younger

Tourcoing 1794 – Belloc

Travels in Trinidad During the Months of Feb-April 1803

Travels in Turkey, Asia Minor, Syria, and across the desert into Egypt during the years 1799-1801, in company with the Turkish army, and the British military mission

Travels in Upper and Lower Egypt - Denon Vols.1-3

Venice Under the Yoke of France and of Austria vols.1+2

Italy, during the consulate and empire of Napoleon Buonaparte



A History of the rise,progress and suppression of the rebellion in the county of Wexford, 1798

An impartial narrative of each engagement which took place between His Majesty's forces and the rebels, during the Irish rebellion, 1798

An impartial narrative of the most important engagements in Ireland 1798

Antrim and Down in '98

General history of the rebellion of 1798, also, a brief account of the insurrection in 1803

History of the Civil War in Ireland vols.1+2

History of the Irish insurrection of 1798

History of the Irish rebellion in 1798; with memoirs of the Union and Emmett's insurrection in 1803

History of the Rebellion in Ireland, 1798

Impartial Relation of the Military Operations which took place in Ireland 1798

Ireland's revolt in '98

Life of Theobald Wolfe Tone Vols.1+2

Memoirs of Joseph Holt, general of the Irish rebels in 1798 vols.1+2

Memoirs of Miles Byrne Vols.1+2

Ninety Eight

Personal narrative of the Irish rebellion of 1798

Rebels who surrendered in the city of Dublin from 29th June to 9th Sept 1798

The French invasion of Ireland in '98.

The Irish confederates and the rebellion of 1798

The last speech and dying words of Martin M'Loughlin

The letters of Wolfe Tone

The life and death of Lord Edward Fitzgerald

The life and times of Robert Emmet

The sham squire and the informers of 1798

The United Irishmen, their lives and times vols.1+3

The war in Wexford; an account of the rebellion in Ireland in 1798

Revolutionary and Consular Era