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Over 110 volumes on the Russo-Japanese war - from official histories to personal narratives and reports from war correspondents.
All books are in PDF format and supplied on a USB stick
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The books are;

A Diary of the Russo-Japanese War vols.1+2

A modern campaign; or, War and wireless telegraphy in the Far East

A photographic record of the Russo-Japanese war

A secret agent in Port Arthur

A staff officer's scrap-book during the Russo-Japanese war Vols 1+2

A study of the Russo-Japanese war

Actual Experiences In War - Impressions of a Russian Company Commander

Admiral Togo

An eye-witness in Manchuria

An Outline Of The Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905 Vol.1

As the Hague ordains; journal of a Russian Prisoner's wife in Japan

Before Port Arthur in a destroyer, the personal diary of a Japanese naval officer

Cassell's history of the Russo-Japanese War vols 1+3+4+5

Conscription system in Japan

Epitome of the Russo-Japanese war

The war between Russia and Japan, thrilling accounts of fierce battles by sea and land

The white peril in the Far East; an interpretation of the significance of the Russo-Japanese war

The Yellow war

Thrilling stories of the Russian-Japanese war

Under the care of the Japanese war office

War and neutrality in the Far East

War between Japan and Russia with historical and descriptive sketches of Russia, Siberia, Japan, Korea and Manchuria

With Kuroki in Manchuria

With Russian, Japanese and Chunchuse; the experiences of an Englishman during the Russo-Japanese war

With the Cossacks, being the story of an Irishman who rode with the Cossacks throughout the Russo-Japanese war

With the Russians in Manchuria

With Togo, the story of seven months' active service under his command

Examples of field fortifications and stream crossings

Exciting experiences in the Japanese-Russian war

Following the sun-flag

14 years of diplomatic life in Japan; the diary of Baroness Albert d'Anethan

From Libau to Tsushima, a narrative of the voyage of Admiral Rojdestvensky's fleet to Eastern Seas, including a detailed account of the Dogger Bank incident

From the Yalu to Port Arthur - a personal record

From Tokio through Manchuria with the Japanese

From Tokyo to Tiflis - uncensored letters from the war

Human bullets - a soldier's story of Port Arthur

Imperial Russian navy its past, present, and future

In the war; memoirs of V. Veresáev

influence of the siege of port arthur on modern fortresses

International law applied to the Russo-Japanese War, with the decisions of the Japanese prize courts

Japan's fight for freedom; the story of the war between Russia and Japan vols 1+2+3

Lectures on the strategy of the Russo-Japanese War

Manchu and Muscovite

My Experiences at Nan Shan and Port Arthur, with the Fifth East Siberian Rifles

Nogi, a man against the background of a great war

Official history of the Russian-Japanese war; a vivid panorama of land and naval battles

Official history, naval and military, of the Russo-Japanese War. Prepared by the Historical section of the Committee of Imperial Defence vols 1+2+3

Port Arthur, a monster heroism

Port Arthur, the siege and capitulation

Port Arthur, three months with the besiegers; a diurnal of occurrents

Pre-war diplomacy, the Russo-Japanese problem, treaty signed at Portsmouth, USA, 1905

Reconnaissance in the Russo-Japanese War

Reports of US military observers attached to the armies in Manchuria during the Russo-Japanese War Vols 1-5

The authentic history of the war between Russia and Japan

The battle of the Sea of Japan, by Nicolas Klado and numerous other officers, eye-witnesses, and commanders of vessels who participated in the battles of Tsushima and Matsushima

The battle of Tsu-shima between the Japanese and Russian fleets, fought on 27th May 1905

The campaign of Liao-Yang

The campaign with Kuropatkin

The cavalry in the Russo-Japanese war

The coming power - a contemporary history of the Far East, 1898-1905

The command and administration of the fortress of Port Arthur

The Commission of H.M.S. Talbot, 1901-04

The events man; being an account of the adventures of Stanley Washburn, American war correspondent

The great siege - the investment and fall of Port Arthur

The imperial Japanese navy

The international law and diplomacy of the Russo-Japanese war

The Japan-Russia war; an illustrated history of the war in the Far East

The log of H.M.S. Sutlej, Pacific and China stations, 1904-06

The naval battles of the Russo-Japanese War

The north Pacific a story of the Russo-Japanese war

The Novik and the part she played in the Russo-Japanese War, 1904

The official history of the Russo-Japanese war Volume 2

The real triumph of Japan; the conquest of the silent foe

The re-shaping of the Far East vols.1+2

The risen sun

The Russian army and the Japanese war volS.1+2

The Russian navy in the Russo-Japanese war

The Russo- Japanese war Reports from British officers VolS.1-3

The Russo-Japanese conflict its causes and issues

The Russo-Japanese War a photographic and descriptive review

The Russo-Japanese war - medical and sanitary reports from officers attached to the Japanese and Russian forces in the field

The Russo-Japanese War Sketch map of the theatre of war

The Russo-Japanese war from the outbreak of hostilities to the battle of Liaoyong

The Russo-Japanese war fully illustrated v. 1-3 (no. 1-10), Apr. 1904-Sept. 1905

The Russo-Japanese War VolS.1=2+4

The siege and fall of Port Arthur.

The siege of Port Arthur - records of an eye-witness

The tragedy of Russia in Pacific Asia

The truce in the East and its aftermath

The truth about Port Arthur

The truth about the tsar and the present state of Russia

The truth about the war

The war in the Far East, 1904-05

Rasplata (The reckoning)

The price of blood - the sequel to Rasplata and The battle of Tsushima