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160 titles on the 7 Years War in Europe and North America, with over 300 European maps
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Full Account of the Siege of Minorca by the French,1756

Journal of the first two campaigns of the Seven Years War 

Expedition to the West Indies in 1759 by Capt Gardiner RM

British successes 1758-59

The negotiation of France and England, March-Sept 1761

Annals of the war

England in the 7 Years War vols.1+2

Extracts from Col Tempelhoffe's History of the 7 Years War vols.1+2

Frederick the Great and the 7 years war 

General Seydlitz


Lord George Sackville's vindication of himself, a letter to Col Fitzroy, ADC to Prince Ferdinand

Loss of Minorca

Military memoirs of Great Britain 1755-63

The loss of Minorca in 1756

Regulations for Prussian cavalry

Remarks on cavalry

Discipline of the Light Horse

Field Engineer vols.1+2

History of the Late War vols.1+2

History of England vols.4+5

History of the 7 Years War - parts 1+2 

History of the 7 Years War in Germany

Augustus, viscount Keppel

General de Zieten vols.1+2

Operations of the allied army under Prince Ferdinand

Pictorial history of Germany under Frederick the Great

A General court martial - Gen. Mordaunt

Prussian campaign of 1758

Transactions in India 

Critical and Military History of Frederick the Great vols.1-3

Some of the most remarkable events of the war vol.2

Account of the war in India, 1750-60

Frederick the Great and the 7 Years' War 

The king's secret; correspondence of Louis XV, with his diplomatic agents, 1752-74 vol.1

Military life of Gideon Ernest, Freiherr von Loudon

Admiral Byng's defence as presented by him

Havana expedition of 1762 

Manual Exercise for the Dorsetshire Militia 1759

Report of the general officers, appointed to enquire into the conduct of Maj Gen Stuart, and Colonels Cornwallis and Earl of Effingham, Dec 1756

Journal of the reverend John Graham at the siege of Havana

Loudon; military life of Gideon Ernest, Freiherr von Loudon

Minden and the 7 Years' War






A battle fought on snow shoes Rogers' Rock, Lake George, March 13, 1758

A colonial officer and his times, 1754-73 a biographical sketch of Gen. Hugh Waddell, of North Carolina

History of the present war 1756-60

The French war, ending in the conquest of Canada

The 5 years French and Indian war in New England and parts adjacent

Military operations in North-America 1753-56

Campaigns in North America 1757-60. Capt J Knox vols.1-3

Anglo-French boundary disputes in the West, 1749-63

Braddock road

British colonial policy, 1754-65

British officers serving in America. 1754-74

Col. Henry Bouquet and his campaigns of 1763-64

Colonel Washington

Colonial opposition to imperial authority during the war

Commissary Wilson's orderly book, expedition under Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Amherst, Ticonderoga and Crown Point, 1759

Correspondence of William Shirley, governor of Massachusetts and military commander in America, 1731-60 vol.2

Diary of Captain Samuel Jenks  1760

Diary of the siege of Detroit 

Fall of Canada

Fight with France for North America

Bouquet's expedition against the Ohio Indians,1764

Col Henry Bouquet and the western frontiers of Pennsylvania, 1747-64

Cumberland, (Maryland) an account of Washington's first campaign, and battle of Fort Necessity

Israel Putnam; pioneer, ranger, and major-general,1718-90

Journal kept by Sergeant David Holden of Groton, Mass,  Feb 20 -Nov 29, 1760

Journal of Gen. Rufus Putnam kept in northern New York during four campaigns 1757-60

Journal of the siege of Quebec at anchor opposite the island of Orleans, July 26th, 1759

Life in a frontier fort 

Luke Gridley's diary of 1757 

Maj Gen E Braddock's orderly books, Feb-June, 1755

Maryland's attitude in the struggle for Canada

The late war in North America, 1755-60 vols.1+2

Major Robert Stobo of the Virginia regt

Principal transactions of the last war between the English and French

Siege of Quebec, journal of a French officer on board the Chezine frigate

Military memoirs of Great Britain 1755-63

Montcalm and Wolfe vols.1+2

Muster rolls of Rhode Island troops enlisted 

Documents relative to the operations of the British Army in the reduction of the Canadas 1759-60

Orderly book + journal of Major John Hawks on the Ticonderoga-Crown Point campaign,1759-60

Captain Thomas Lawrence's company, raised in Groton, Massachusetts 1758

The companies of Capt. T Farrington and Capt. S Tarbell, raised in Groton, Massachusetts

Quebec 1759 

Reminiscences of the French war; Roger's expeditions with the New-England rangers under his command

Rhode Island in the colonial wars a list of Rhode Island soldiers & sailors 

Scenic sieges and battlefields of French Canada

Black Watch at Ticonderoga and Major Duncan Campbell of Inverawe

Burial of Lord Viscount Howe

Commercial policy of England toward the American colonies

Conquest of New France a chronicle of the colonial wars

The conspiracy of Pontiac and the Indian war vols.1+2

The dangers and sufferings of Robert Eastburn, and his deliverance from Indian captivity

The fight with France for North America

The French and Indian War an album

The French in the Allegheny Valley

Expedition against Fort Du Quesne,1755, under Maj.-General E Braddock

Illinois and Louisiana under French rule

Journal of Captain William Pote, during his captivity from May-Aug 1747

Life of Sir William Pepperell

Pennsylvania-German in the war; a historical sketch

Settlement of the waggoners' accounts relating to General Braddock's expedition towards Fort Du Quesne

Siege of Quebec and the battle of the Plains of Abraham vols.1-6

Writings of George Washington - Official letters 

Writings Of George Washington vol.1

New England Captives Carried to Canada 

Washington's expeditions (1753-54) Braddock's expedition (1755) with history of Tom Fausett, the slayer of General Edward Braddock

Braddock's defeat. 1755. 

Major-General James Wolfe

Journal of the siege of Quebec, 1759

Correspondence of William Pitt, with colonial governors, military and naval commissioners in America vols.1+2

Manuscript journal on the siege of Quebec in 1759, by Col M Fraser

Governor Murray's Journal of Quebec, 18th Sept 1759 to 25th May, 1760

Niagara campaign of 1759

General orders of 1757; by Earl of Loudoun and Phineas Lyman

Sir William Johnson and the Six nations

Fall of New France, 1755-60

War chief of the Ottawas; 

Letters of Capt J Shippen, provincial service 1756-58 parts 1+2

Colonel Ephraim Williams

Fort Pitt and letters from the frontier

Savages in a civilized war; Native Americans as French allies 

On the frontier during the indian war

Montcalm at the battle of Carillon 

The battle near Lake George 1755

Orderly book of Col H Bouquet's Expedition against the Ohio Indians, 1764

Chevalier de Johnstone vols.2+3

Sir William Johnston vols.1-13

Seven Years War