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A collection of 114 titles on various aspects of the Spanish - American War of 1898 fought in the Philippines, Cuba and Puerto Rico.

The books are in PDF format and come on a USB stick.

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The books are; 

A biographical sketch of Major Edward E. Hartwick

A chaplain's experience ashore and afloat; the Texas under fire

A chronicle of the war; including historical documents, army and navy movements

A gunner aboard the Yankee; from the diary of number five of the after port gun

A history of the Spanish-American war of 1898

A little story of Company I, Third Wisconsin Volunteers, First Brigade, First Division, First Corps

A military album, containing over 1000 portraits of commissioned officers who served in the war

A recent campaign in Puerto Rico

A Roster of Volunteeer Troops Furnished by the State of Kansas for the Spanish-American War

Abstract of report on the origin and spread of typhoid fever in U.S. military camps during the war of 1898

Additional pages from An American cruiser in the East

Adjutant General's report containing the complete muster-out rolls of the Illinois volunteers who served in the Spanish-American War - FIVE volumes

America's battle for Cuba's freedom

An army officer's Philippine studies

Anglo-American relations during the Spanish-American war

Around the world with Uncle Sam; or, Six years in the United States Army

Battleship Indiana, and her part in the Spanish-American War

Blue jackets of '98; a history of the Spanish-American war

Boys of '98. A history of the Tenth regiment Ohio volunteer infantry

California volunteers in the Spanish-American war of 1898

Campaign of the First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry Apr 25-Nov 11, 1898

Campaigning in Cuba

Campaigning in the Philippines – illustrated

Cannon and camera - sea and land battles of the Spanish-American war in Cuba, camp life

Cartoons of the Spanish-American War

Charge! The story of the Battle of San Juan Hill

Company B of Davenport

Correspondence Relating to the War with Spain vol.1

Correspondence Relating to the War with Spain vol.2

Diary of a Rough Rider

Exciting experiences in our wars with Spain and the Filipinos

Exploits of the Signal corps in the war with Spain

Finances of the United States in the Spanish war

Following the flag - diary of a soldier's wife

Forty-five years under the flag - Admiral Schley

From Iowa to the Philippines; a history of Company M, Fifty-first Iowa Infantry Volunteers

From Yauco to Las Marias

From Yorktown to Santiago with the Sixth U.S. Cavalry

Full official history of the war with Spain

Gathering at the Golden Gate. Mobilizing for War in the Philippines, 1898

Greater America ; heroes, battles, camps; Dewey islands, Cuba, Porto Rico

Greater Salem in the Spanish-American war

grigsby's cowboys

Harper's pictorial history of the war with Spain

Harvard volunteers, 1898

History of the 2nd regiment Illinois volunteer infantry from organization to muster-out

History 13th Regiment, United States Infantry

History 160th Indiana volunteer infantry in the Spanish-American war

History 161st regiment, Indiana volunteer infantry

History  203rd Regiment, New York Infantry Volunteers

History of the Fourth Illinois Volunteers in their relation to the Spanish-American War

History of the Gatling gun detachment, Fifth army corps, at Santiago, 

History of the operations of the First Nebraska infantry, U.S.V. in the campaign in the Philippine Islands

History up to date - a concise account of the war of 1898

How I carried the message to Garcia

How Uncle Sam fights or, Modern warfare--how conducted

Illustrated roster of California volunteer soldiers in the war with Spain

In camp with L company, Second regiment New Jersey volunteer infantry

In Cuba with Shafter

Index to New York in the Spanish-American war

International law and diplomacy of the Spanish-American war

Kansas troops in the volunteer service of the United States in the Spanish and Philippine wars vol.2

Lessons of the war with Spain – Mahan

Log of the USS Yosemite

Log of the U.S. gunboat Gloucester

Luzon campaign, from February to December, 1899

Manual for Army Cooks 1896

Marines in the Spanish-American War 1895-1899 anthology and annotated bibliography

Medical Field supply table - approved by the Secretary of War, May 9, 1898

Memories of the Campaign of Santiago. June 6 -Aug. 18, 1898

Memories of two wars - Cuban and Philippine experiences

Morristown, New Jersey, in the Spanish-American war

Mr. Roosevelt in Cuba

National Guard in the Spanish-American War and Philippine Insurrection, 1898-99

Natives in blue - the employment of armed auxiliaries in the Philippines, 1899-1913

New York and the war with Spain. History of the Empire State regiments

New York in the Spanish-American war 1898 THREE volumes

Official history of the operations of the First Bn Wyoming Infantry, U.S.V., in the campaign in the Philippines

Official history of the operations of the First Colorado Infantry, U.S.V. in the campaign in the Philippines

Official history of the operations of the First Washington Infantry, U.S.V. in the campaign in the Philippines

Our heroes of the Spanish-American war

Our navy in the war with Spain

Our new possessions A graphic account, descriptive and historical

Pictorial history of our war with Spain for Cuba's freedom

Picturesque Cuba, Porto Rico, Hawaii, and the Philippines - a photographic panorama of our new possessions

Princeton in the Spanish-American war, 1898

Rear-Admirals Schley, Sampson and Cervera; a review of the naval campaign of 1898

Recollections of my service and experiences in the Spanish-American War

Red Cross Reports May, 1898, March, 1899

Reminiscences and thrilling stories of the war by returned heroes

Reminiscences of the Santiago campaign

Reminiscences of the Spanish-American War in Cuba and the Philippines

Report of the captain of the Naval militia of New York to the adjutant-general on the war with Spain, 1898

Report of the Chief, John Bartlett, to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy on its operations during the war 

Report of the Commission Appointed by the President to Investigate the Conduct of the War Department in the War with Spain EIGHT volumes

Report of the Santiago Campaign, 1898

Reprint of the Squadron bulletins of the North Atlantic Squadron

Rhode Island in the War with Spain

Roads of adventure

Roster of Connecticut volunteers who served in the war between the United States and Spain 1898-1899

Roster of troops serving with the Department of the Pacific and Eighth Army Corps