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A collection of over 120 titles concerning the Great War 1914-18.


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The titles are as follows;


3rd Division, Summary of Operations in the World War

20th Battalion (b.e.l. Pioneers)

33rd Division, A.E.F. from its arrival in France until the armistice with Germany, November 11, 1918

91st Infantry in World War I

500 of the best Cockney war stories

A brass hat in No Man's Land - Brig-Gen. Crozier

A dishonoured army; German atrocities in France

A handful of Ausseys

A prisoner of the Reds, the story of a British officer captured Siberia

A private in the guards

A record of the United Arts Rifles, 1914-1919

A soldier of the Legion

A student in arms

A subaltern on the Somme in 1916

A surgeon in khaki

A Temporary gentleman in France; home letters from an officer at the front

Alliance at Armageddon. Franco-British Military Cooperation, 1914-18

Ambulance 464 - Encore Des Blessés


Among the ruins

An author in wonderland

Antwerp to Gallipoli - a year of war on many fronts - and behind them

Army Service Corps of the British Army, organization of the transport at the front in France

Around the world with a camera

Askaris, asymmetry, and small wars. German East African Campaign, 1914-18

At the war - Lord Northcliffe

At Ypres with Best-Dunkley

Attack an infantry subaltern's impressions of July lst, 1916

Battle of Tanga, German East Africa, 1914

Between the lines

Bottled up in Belgium; the last delegate's informal story

Brief Histories of Divisions, U.S. Army 1917- 1918

British Army. The evacuation of north Russia, 1919

British campaigns in Africa and the Pacific, 1914-1918

British campaigns in the nearer East 1914-1918 vol.1 The Days of Adversity

British campaigns in the nearer East 1914-1918 vol.2 The Tide of Victory

Building the Old Contemptibles. British Military Transformation and Tactical Development 1899-1914

By motor to the firing line; an artist's notes + sketches with the armies of northern France, June-July, 1915

Canadian Corps Trench Standing Orders

Capture of Tsingtau, 1914

Celebrated spies and famous mysteries of the great war

Collected diplomatic documents relating to the outbreak of the European War

Concentration movements of the 2nd US Division, 15-18 July 1918

analysis of the French operations in Luxemburg, 1914

analysis of the German cavalry operations in the Lodz Campaign

analysis of the operations in German East Africa 1914-1918

analysis of the operations in Lorraine

Duty and service; letters from the front - Capt. Crouch Ox + Bucks Lt Inf

Effects of decentralized execution on the German Army during the Marne Campaign of 1914

Famous generals of the Great War who led the United States and her allies to a great victory

Field service manual 1914

Fighting Germany's spies

Fighting Without a War. An Account of Military Intervention in North Russia

Fine conduct under fire; the tactical effectiveness of the 165th Infantry Regiment

First from the front - The Daily News

First reflections on the campaign of 1918

For France - some English impressions of the French Front

France at Bay

Frightfulness in retreat - German Army

From the St. Lawrence to the Yser with the 1st Canadian brigade

From the trenches; Louvain to the Aisne, the first record of an eye-witness - 1914

Gas Warfare in World War I The 42nd Division Before Landres-et-St. Georges, October 1918

Gas Warfare in World War I The 79th Division at Montfaucon, October 1918

General Joffre and his battles

General von Falkenhayn relieved as the Chief of Staff of the German Army on August 29, 1916. Was this justified

Generals of the British Army

Gentlemen at arms

German and Austrian tactical studies

German atrocities from German evidence

German General Staff in World War I

German spies in England; an exposure

German war practices

Germany at bay

Grapes of wrath

Gunner Depew

Handbook of the Vickers machine gun, model of 1915

Handbook on fragmentation drop bombs, Mark IIa, II, I, and III

Helmets and body armor in modern warfare (1920)

Historical Analysis of the Battle of Verdun – 1916

History of Battery B, 103rd Field Artillery, 26th Division USAEF

History of military pyrotechnics in world war I

History of 14th Engineers, U.S. Army, May, 1917 to May, 1919

History of 350th Regiment of U.S. Infantry, 88th Division, AEF

History of the Yankee Division

II Italian Corps deployment on the Western Front 1918-19

In German hands, the diary of a severely wounded prisoner

In the field, 1914-15 impressions of an officer of light cavalry - French chasseur

In the soldier's service; Mary Dexter, England, Belgium, France, 1914-1918

Infantry brigade + divisional machine gun battalion with Browning machine guns

Infantry combat; a study based on French regulations

Infantry in Battle

Influence of traffic condition, road and rail on the operations of the French 20th Corps, 16-23 July 1918

Joffre and his army

Kelly of the Foreign Legion - Letters of Légionnaire Russell A. Kelly

Ladies from hell - London Scottish

Leaves from a field note-book

Lessons in operational art - analysis of the Allied Expeditionary Forces in North Russia, 1918-19 

Letters and memorials of Captain William A. Douglas, 6th bn the Royal Scots

Letters from a French hospital

Letters of Lt.-Col. George Laurie, (1st Bn. Royal Irish Rifles), Nov 4th, 1914-March 11th, 1915

Letters of Henry Weston Farnsworth, of the Foreign Legion

Leveraging Operational Intelligence - The Battle of Tannenberg and Masurian Lakes (1914)

List of officers who served with the 371st Inf and HQ - 186th Infantry Brigade 

Living bayonets; a record of the last push

Marches in the Combat Zone British Retreat from Mons 1914

Marching on Tanga; with General Smuts in East Africa

Medical support for the American Expeditionary Forces in France during the First World War

Military strategy of the World War; the Eastern Front

Mission command during the War of Movement - the German Right Wing in August and early September 1914

My adventures as a German secret service agent

My war experiences in two continents

Notes on employment of artillery in trench fighting

Notes on training for rifle fire in trench warfare - compiled from foreign reports

notes on transportation service American Expeditionary Forces 1914-18

Official list of officers of the Officers' Reserve Corps of the Army of the United States vol.1

Official list of officers of the Officers' Reserve Corps of the Army of the United States vol.2


THE GREAT WAR 1914-18 Volume 6