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A collection of books on the Vietnam war in PDF format and delivered post free worldwide on a USB stick.


The titles are;


01. 173rd Airborne Brigade - A Pictorial History - 5 vols -

a - The first three years a pictorial history of the 173d Airborne Brigade (Separate)

b - Vietnam, the second year - 173d Airborne Brigade, a pictorial history

c - Vietnam, the third year - 173d Airborne Brigade, a pictorial history

d - Vietnam, the fourth year - 173d Airborne Brigade, a pictorial history

e - Vietnam, the fifth year - 173d Airborne Brigade, a pictorial history

02. CIA Black Shield Missions - SR71 BLACKBIRD – 9 parts

03. CIA Vietnam War Histories - 6 vols -

a CIA and Rural Pacification

b CIA and the Generals

c CIA and the House of Ngo

d Good Questions, Wrong Answers

e The Way We Do Things

f Undercover Armies


a JCS & War in Vietnam 1940-1954 History of the Indochina Incident b JCS & War in Vietnam 1954-1959 c JCS & War in Vietnam 1960-1968 Part I d JCS & War in Vietnam 1960-1968 Part II e JCS & War in Vietnam 1960-1968 Part III f JCS & War in Vietnam 1969-1970 g JCS & War in Vietnam 1971-1973 Part I h JCS & War in Vietnam 1971-1973 Part I

05. MAAG - Lessons learned - 93 pamphlets

06. Project CHECO – USAF – 46 vols a Air Defense in Southeast Asia 1945-1971 b Air Tactics Against NVA Air-Ground Defenses (February, 1967) c Air Tactics Against NVN Ground Defenses, December 1966 - 1 November 1968 d Air War in the DMZ, September 1967 - June 1968 e Air-to-Air Encounters Over North Vietnam, 1 January to 30 June 1967 f Ambush At XT 686576 g An Overview of Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in Thailand Through 1973 h Army aviation in the Republic of Vietnam - a case study. i Attack on Cam Ranh (August 25, 1971) j Attack on Udorn k Command and Control, 1966-1968 l Commando Hunt VI m Control of Airstrikes January 1967-December 1968 n Igloo White, July 1968-December 1969 o Impact of Darkness and Weather on Air Operations in SEA p Impact of Geography on Air Operations in SEA q IV DASC Operations, 1965-1969 r Kontum - Battle for the Central Highlands 30 March - 10 June 1972 s LINEBACKER Overview of the First 120 Days t Operation Hawthorne u Operation Masher & White Wing. 9th Sept. 1966 v Operation Rolling Thunder January 1967-November 1968 w OV-1-AC-119 Hunter-Killer Team x OV-10 Operations in SE Asia y Project Red Horse z Second Generation Weaponry In SEA aa Short Rounds bb Southeast Asia Glossary, 1961-1970 cc Southeast Asia Tactical Data Systems Interface dd Tactical Airlift Operations – 1969 ee The Defense of Dak Seang ff The EC-47 in SEA, April 1968-July 1970 gg The EC-121 Incident, 15 April 1969 hh The Fall of A Shau ii The Pueblo Incident jj The Role of the USAF In Support of Special Activities in SEA kk The Role of USAF Gunships in SE Asia ll The Royal Laotian Air Force 1954-1970 mm The Siege of Ben Het nn The War in Vietnam, 1965 oo Truscott White - 11th Dec. 1968 pp USAF Civil Action in Thailand qq USAF Operations from Thailand 1966, Counterinsurgency in Thailand rr USAF Search and Rescue, July 1966-November 1967 ss USAF Tactical Reconaissance in Southeast Asia July 69-June 71 tt USAF Tactics Against Air + Ground Defenses in SEA (U) Nov 1968-May 1970 07. US AIR FORCE HISTORY - 20 vols a A War Too Long The History of the USAF in Southeast Asia b Aces and Aerial Victories The USAF in SEA, 1965-1973 c Air Base Defense in the Republic of Vietnam d Air Force Heroes in Vietnam e Air Power and the Fight for Khe Sanh f Airpower and the 1972 Spring Invasion g Airpower and the Airlift Evacuation of Kham Duc h Gradual Failure - The Air War Over North Vietnam, 1965-1966 i Last Flight From Saigon j Linebacker II A View from the Rock k Operation Ranch Hand The USAF and Herbicides in SEA, 1961-1971 l Search and Rescue Operations of the USAF in Southeast Asia m Tactical Airlift n Tale of Two Bridges and the Battle for the Skies over NV o The Shootdown of Trigger 4 p The USAF in Southeast Asia - CIVIC ACTION q The Vietnamese Air Force,1951-1975 an Analysis of Its Role in Combat and 14 Hours at Kho Tang r The Years of the Offensive, 1965-1968 s To Hanoi And Back t USAF in Southeast Asia - The Advisor Years to 1965 08. After Action Reports 1966-71 09. Operation Apache Snow AARs 1969 10. A Chronology of the US Marine Corps Vol.4 1965-69 11. A marine's guide to the Republic of Vietnam (1968) 12. A Profile of the PAVN Soldier in South Vietnam 13. A Statistical Analysis of the U.S. Crop Spraying Program in South Vietnam 14. A Systems Analysis View of the Vietnam War 1965-72. Vol.1 The Situation in Southeast Asia15. A Systems Analysis View of the Vietnam War 1965-72. Vol.3 Viet Cong - North Vietnamese Ops 16. A Systems Analysis View of the Vietnam War 1965-72. Vol.6 Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces (RVNAF) 17. A Systems Analysis View of the Vietnam War 1965-72. Vol.9 Population Security 18. A Systems Analysis View of the Vietnam War 1965-72. Vol.10 Pacification and Civil Affairs 19. Air Campaign Against North Vietnam, 1966 20. Air Interdiction in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam 21. Air Power Helps Stop the Invasion and End the War, 1972 22. Air Power in Three Wars - World War II, Korea, Vietnam 23. Air War Over South Vietnam, 1968-1975 24. Airmobile techniques-tactics in the Mekong Delta 25.Airmobility, 1961-1971 26. Allied Participation in Vietnam 27. Analysis of Tactical Intelligence Experience in Southeast Asia 28. Analysis of Vietnamization - Summary and Evaluation 29. Approved JCS Rules of Engagement, Southeast Asia (17 April 1965) 30. Armed helicopter escort of transport helicopters 31. Army in Vietnam, Troop Topics Pamphlet, Sep 1968 32. Attack on the American Embassy during Tet,1968. Factors that turned a tactical victory into a political defeat 33. B-57G--Tropic Moon III, 1967-1972 34. Barrel Roll, 1968-73 - Laos 35. Base Development in South Vietnam, 1965-1970 36. Battle of Dien Bien Phu, 20 November 1953-7 May 1954 37. BUYING TIME, 1965–1966 38. By Sea, Air, and Land - An illustrated history of the US Navy and the war in Southeast Asia 39. Cambodian incursion 40. Camp Pendleton - on the way to Vietnam 41. Cedar Falls-Junction City - A Turning Point 42. Chaplains with Marines in Vietnam 1962-71