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110 titles and over 300 contemporary European maps of the period.


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War of Austrian Succession

A journal of what happened at Genoa 1747

An Account of the expedition to Carthagena 1741

An impartial representation of the conduct of the several powers of Europe engaged in the late General War vols.1-4

Papers relating to the expedition against Carthagena 1741

Fontenoy and Great Britain's share in the war of the Austrian succession, 1741-48


Frederick the Great and Maria Theresa; From Hitherto Unpublished Documents, 1740-42 vols.1+2

Louisbourg in 1745 - an eye-witness of the siege in 1745

Memoirs of the Last War in North America

Life of John Lindesay Earl of Cranfurd

Life of Field Marshal Townshend

Peace Treaty of Aix la Chapelle 1748

The Mysterious Congress

The Navy in the War of 1739-48 vols.1-3

Official records of the mutiny in the Black Watch - a London incident of the year 1743

Operations of the British and the allied arms, during the campaigns of 1743-44



Further Titles

A complete history of the wars in Italy

A half-century of conflict vols.1+2

Lieutenant-General Sir Eyre Coote, K.B.

A tour up the straits, from Gibraltar to Constantinople. With the leading events in the present war between the Austrians, Russians, and Turks, to the commencement of the year 1789

Account of the expedition of the British fleet to Sicily 1718-20

Account of the expedition to Carthagena

Annals of the Wars of the Eighteenth Century vols.1-5

Memoirs of Tippoo Sultaun, including his cruel treatment of English prisoners

Britain and her rivals in the 18th century, 1713-89

British imperialism in the 18th century

Capt Temple West's defence against Vice-Admiral Lestock's charge relating to Toulon

Charles William Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick

Memoirs of Russia, from the year 1727-44

Diaries and correspondence of James Harris, first Earl of Malmesbury vols.1+2

Documentary history of Dunmore's war, 1774

Final French struggles in India and on the Indian seas

Frederic the Great and Kaiser Joseph

Frederick the Great

General Wolfe's instructions to young officers also his orders for a battalion and an army

Gustavus III and his contemporaries, 1742-92 Vols.1+2

Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan and the struggle with the Musalman powers of the South

His late Royal Highness William-Augustus, duke of Cumberland

History of England from the Peace of Utrecht to the Peace of Versailles 1713-83 vols.1-4

History of the Irish brigades in the service of France

History of the United States vols.3-6

History of the war in Bosnia during the years 1737-8 and 9

Instructions for officers detached in the field; containing a scheme for forming a partisan - 1770

Journal of Major Robert Rogers 1766-67

Life and correspondence of John Paul Jones, including his narrative of the campaign of the Liman

Life of William Earl of Shelburne vol.1

Major operations of the royal navy, 1762-83

Captain Dalton defender of Trichinopoly, 1752-53

Memoirs and letters of Cardinal de Bernis vols.1+2

Memoirs of Field Marshal Leopold Count Daun

Life of the late Right Honourable John Lindesay

Memoirs Relating to The Lord Torrington

Military affairs in North America, 1748-1765 selected documents from the Cumberland papers

A Five Years' Expedition against the Revolted Negroes of Surinam 1772-77 vols.1+2

Naval and Military memoirs of Great Britain, from 1727-83 Vols.1-6

Naval wars in the Baltic during the sailing-ship epoch, 1522-1850

Political and military episodes in the latter half of the 18th century 

Posthumous works of Frederic II. King of Prussia vols.1-4

Memoirs concerning the art of war – SAXE

Rhode Island in the colonial wars a list of Rhode Island soldiers & sailors in King George's war, 1740-48

Rules and articles for the better government of his Majesty's Horse and Foot Guards 1749

Account of the military, political, and social life of the Right Hon. John Manners, marquis of Granby

Attacks upon the Spanish Main by Admiral Vernon

Balance of power 1715-89

Conduct of the allies and of the late ministry in beginning and carrying on the present war

Discipline of the Light-horse 1778

Field engineer vols.1+2

The great fortress a chronicle of Louisbourg, 1720-60

History of the Mediterranean fleet from 1741-44

History of the war of 1741

Influence of sea power upon history 1660-1783

The Irish abroad and at home; at the court and in the camp

Edward Lord Hawke Admiral of the Fleet, Vice-Admiral, and First Lord of the Admiralty 1766-71

The life of George, Lord Anson

Major-General Worge, Colonel of the 86th reg 

Life of Marshal Suvarov

The military life of Field-Marshal George first marquess Townshend, 1724-1807

The Triumphant Campaign

William Augustus, duke of Cumberland, his early life and times 1721-48

William Augustus, duke of Cumberland

Warfare in the 1700's Volume 2