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170 titles on the lesser known wars of the 1800's 

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American Indians

A soldier's reminiscences in peace and war

An Apache campaign in the Sierra Madre. Chiricahua Apaches, spring 1883

Army life on the Pacific; expedition against the northern Indians, summer 1858

Autobiography of Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak - Black Hawk

Border wars of Texas

List of engagements between the regular US army and tribes of hostile Indians 1790-1898

Discovery of the Yosemite, and the Indian war of 1851

Following the guidon

History of Indian depredations in Utah

Indian fights and fighters - the soldier and the Sioux

Modoc Jack 

My life and experiences among our hostile Indians

Northwestern fights and fighters

Pacific Northwest Indian Wars

Recent Indian wars, under Sitting Bull, and other chiefs

Record of engagements with hostile Indians in the Military division of the Missouri, 1868-82

Red Eagle and the wars with the Creek Indians of Alabama

Report of Colonel A.C. Gillem, 1st Cavalry. Modoc war, 1873

Black Hawk war 

Early Indian wars of Oregon

Great Indian chief of the West, or, life and adventures of Black Hawk

Indian history of the Modoc war

History of the Black Hawk war

Battles of the 19th Century vols.1-7



A Cuban expedition

Marching with Gomez; a war correspondent's field note-book, 4 months with the Cuban army


French in Mexico

Invasion of Mexico by the French

Life of Maximilian I, late emperor of Mexico

Maximilian in Mexico; a woman's reminiscences of the French intervention, 

Maximilian in Mexico 

Mexico under Maximilian

My Diary in Mexico in 1867 + the Last Days of the Emperor Maximilian vols.1+2

Reasons for the withdrawal of the French from Mexico

Establishment of Maximilian's empire in Mexico

Fall of Maximilian, late emperor of Mexico

Rise and fall of the Emperor Maximilian

With Maximilian in Mexico



Going to war in Greece

Letters and Journals of Samuel Gridley Howe

Scenes in the thirty days war between Greece & Turkey, 1897

Sketches of the war in Greece

With the Greeks in Thessaly


Iberian Peninsula

Journal of the movements of the British legion

Sketches in Portugal, the Civil War of 1834

English in Spain, the War of Succession 1834-40

The most striking events of 12 month's campaign vols.1+2

Wars of Succession of Portugal and Spain, from 1826-40 Vol.1



France and Italy

Garibaldi and the thousand

Garibaldi's defence of the Roman Republic

Italy and the War of 1859

On board the Emma, Garibaldis Thousand in Sicily

Campaign of 1859

Campaign of Garibaldi in the Two Sicilies

Campaign of Magenta and Solferino, 1859

Life of General Garibaldi 

Origin of the Red cross 

War in Italy 

War in Italy, and all about it


Russo-Turkish war 1877-78

History of the empire and people of Turkey and the war in the east

Prisoner of war in Russia; my experiences amongst the refugees with the Red Crescent

Cassell's illustrated history of the Russo-Turkish war vol.1

Czar and sultan

Experiences of a Prussian officer in the Russian service  

Historical narrative of the Turko-Russian war vols.1+2 

Operations of General Gurko's advance guard in 1877

Personal reminiscences of General Skobeleff

Report of the operations of the Stafford house committee for the relief of sick and wounded Turkish soldiers. 

Report on the Russian Army and Its Campaigns in Turkey 

Russia's advance eastward

Service in Servia under the Red cross

Sketches of army life in Russia

St. Petersburg to Plevna, containing interviews with leading Russian statesmen and generals

Tactical studies on the battles around Plevna

Armenian campaign. diary of the campaign of 1877

Campaign in Bulgaria

Conquest of Turkey

Defence of Plevna, written by one who took part in it

Liberation of Bulgaria. war notes

Narrative of an expelled correspondent

Russo-Turkish war vols.1+4+5

Russo-Turkish war, 1877 a strategical sketch

Russo-Turkish war, an account of the Servian insurrection, the dreadful massacre of Christians in Bulgaria, and other Turkish atrocities

War correspondence of the Daily news, 1877

War in the East. An illustrated history 

Turkish Life in War Time

Under the red crescent, an English surgeon with the Turkish army at Plevna and Erzeroum

War in Bulgaria, A Narrative of Personal Experiences Vols.1+2

William G Guppy, His Life and Death at Erzeroum

With the Russians in peace and war; recollections of a military attaché


Sino-Japanese war

Concise history of the war between Japan and China

China's official history of the recent Sino-Japanese treaties 

Expenditures of the Sino-Japanese war

Heroic Japan a history of the war between China & Japan

Japanese Landing Operations

China-Japan war

Fall of Wei-hai-wei

The Japan-China War, on the regent's sword

Japan-China war- the naval battle of Haiyang

Surgical history of the naval war between Japan China 1894-95

War in the East. Japan, China, and Corea. 

Under the dragon flag. My experiences in the Chino-Japanese war


South America

Chile and Peru, causes of the war of 1879

Chili. sketches of Chili and the Chilians during the war 1879-80

Difficulty between Chile, on the one hand, and Peru and Bolivia on the other

Filibusters and financiers; the story of William Walker

Francia's Reign of Terror. a Sequel to Letters on Paraguay vols.1+2

Gen. McMahon's opinions in regard to the Paraguayan war. A few remarks in answer

La Plata, Brazil, and Paraguay, during the present war

Letters from the Battle-fields of Paraguay

Letters on Paraguay,  under Francia

Life of Hiram Paulding, Rear-Admiral, USN

Nicaragua; War of the filibusters

Nights on the Rio Paraguay, scenes of war and character sketches

Paraguay and the alliance against the tyrant Francisco Solano Lopez

Paraguay and the War in La Plata

Patriots and filibusters

Reminiscences of the Filibuster War in Nicaragua – 1855-60

Revelations on the Paraguayan War

7 eventful years in Paraguay; personal experience amongst the Paraguayans

History of Paraguay, with notes of personal observations, and reminiscences of diplomacy vols.1+2

The Paraná. Incidents of the Paraguayan War

Story of the filibusters

War between Peru and Chile, 1879-82

War in Paraguay

War on the Pacific coast between Chile and the allied republics of Peru and Bolivia. 1879-81

Walker's Expedition to Nicaragua; History of the Central American War

Steam warfare in the Parana vols.1+2

Dark days in Chile; revolution of 1891


Plus 26 volumes of further conflict

Warfare in the 1800's