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A collection of over 110 volumes on the the Battle of Waterloo 1815 and Wellington's life, military career and his Despatches- from official histories to personal narratives.
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1815, Waterloo – Houssaye

A detailed account of the battles of Quatre Bras, Ligny, and Waterloo

A French infantry officer's account of Waterloo

A Full and Circumstantial Account of the Memorable Battle of Waterloo

A narrative of the political and military events of 1815

A Relation of the Events of the Last Campaign of Buonaparte

A sketch of the battle of Waterloo

A sketch of the late campaign in the Netherlands 1815 – Capt.Batty

A Supplement to the History of Lord Seaton's regiment, (52nd Light Infantry) at the Battle of Waterloo

A Visit to Flanders in July 1815; chiefly an account of the field of Waterloo


A week at Waterloo in 1815 - Lady de Lancey

An Historical Account of the Battle of Waterloo – Craan

Battle of Waterloo, Or, Correct Narrative of the Late Sanguinary Conflict on the Plains of Waterloo

Before and after Waterloo - letters of Edward Stanley

Cavalry in the Waterloo Campaign

80 years ago, or The recollections of an old army doctor

Flying sketches of the battle of Waterloo

French Account of the last campaign of Buonaparte

Journal of a tour to Waterloo and Paris in company with Sir Walter Scott in 1815

Journal of the Waterloo campaign, 1815 by Mercer Vols.1+2

Letters written during the Waterloo campaign

Marshal Grouchy's own account of the battle of Waterloo

Narrative of a residence in Belgium during the campaign of 1815, and of a visit to the field of Waterloo

Notes and Reminiscences of a Staff Officer - Waterloo and St.Helena

Notes on the battle of Waterloo

Official bulletins of the battle of Waterloo

Paris After Waterloo

Paris revisited, in 1815, by way of Brussels; including a walk over the field of battle at Waterloo

Pictons Division in the Campaign of Waterloo

Quatre-Bras, Ligny and Waterloo a narrative of the campaign in Belgium, 1815

Recollections of Waterloo by a staff officer

So this then is The battle of Waterloo - Victor Hugo

Some particulars of the battle at Waterloo; in a letter from a serjeant in the guards

Story of the Battle of Waterloo

The Battle of Waterloo with Those of Ligny and Quatre bras

The Battle of Wavre and Grouchys Retreat

The Belgians at Waterloo – Boulger

The campaign of 1815, chiefly in Flanders

The campaign of 1815; Ligny, Quatre-Bras, Waterloo

The campaign of 1815; or, A narrative of the military operations which took place in France and Belgium during the 100 days

The campaign of Waterloo; a military history

The case of Grouchy - Waterloo

The History of Lord Seaton's Regiment, (the 52nd Light Infantry) at the Battle of Waterloo vols.1+2

The journal of the three days of the battle of Waterloo - French eyewitness account

The political and military history of the campaign of Waterloo (Jomini)

The Waterloo campaign - a study

The Waterloo campaign, 1815 – Siborne

The Waterloo campaign - the view of a French staff officer

The Waterloo lectures; a study of the campaign of 1815 - Chesney 2nd ed.

The Waterloo roll call. With biographical notes and anecdotes

Waterloo (the centenary of the battle) a relation of the famous fight of the 18th of June 1815

Waterloo by Belloc

Waterloo campaign 1815

Waterloo days the narrative of an Englishwoman resident at Brussels in June 1815

Waterloo lectures a study of the campaign of 1815 3rd ed.

Waterloo lectures a study of the campaign of 1815 4rd ed.

Waterloo letters

Waterloo the campaign and battle

Waterloo; a narrative and a criticism

Wellington and Waterloo (illustrated)

Wellington and Waterloo

who lost Waterloo

With Napoleon at Waterloo


Wellington's Life and Despatches

A Selection from the Despatches,Treaties,and other papers Wellington in India

Correspondence of Lady Burghersh with the Duke of Wellington

Index to the dispatches of Field Marshal Wellington

Life and Campaigns of Arthur, Duke of Wellington vols.1-4

Notes of conversations with the Duke of Wellington, 1831-1851

Selections from the Dispatches and General orders of Field Marshal Wellington

The boy's Wellington

The despatches of Field-Marshal the Duke of Wellington during his campaigns

The Dispatches of Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington Vols.1-13

The General Orders of Field Marshal Wellington

The Life of the Most Noble Arthur Duke of Wellington

The maxims and opinions of Wellington

The military history of the duke of Wellington in India

The military life of Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington vol.1

The principles of war,as developed in a series of General orders by the Duke of Wellington

The rise of Wellington

The Supplementary Despatches and Memoranda of Wellington Vols.1-10

The Wellington memorial; Wellington,his comrades and contemporaries

The Words of Wellington,collected from his Despatches,letters and speeches

Three Years with the Duke - Or Wellington in private life by ex ADC

Wellington,s memorandum on the war in Russia in 1812

Wellingtonia; anecdotes, maxims and characteristics of the Duke of Wellington

Wellington's career, a military and political summary

Waterloo and Wellington Book Collection